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5 August, 2020
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12 August, 2020

Leadership Essentials of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL): Take the step to be amongst the best

Leadership Essentials

The goal of CEU is to form future leaders, elites able to influence society to change it for the better. This is the fundamental purpose of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), which ranks among the best five worldwide according to the Financial Times. Therefore, with the training program Leadership Essentials, CEU offers postgraduate students training with over 46 years of history taught in over 20 countries, raising over 20,000 leaders of all sectors. Furthermore, this differential education can only be studied in Spain at CEU placing our University centres at the forefront of education.

The program unfolds throughout the academic year formed by some CEU postgraduate. It is divided into 3 modules lasting 2 days each.

What will you achieve taking part in Leadership Essentials?

Without doubt you will improve your employability through the development of action-oriented skills. Therefore, joining this program you will be able:

  • To know your potential and skills to give the best of yourself.
  • To develop the capacity to leave your comfort zone working with others and solving problems.
  • To influence on others in a positive manner facing the challenges of global work environments, diverse and changing.
  • To collaborate to efficiently attain optimal results.
  • To learn to identify the objectives of each project, its opportunities and the best strategies for each situation.
  • To develop your personal brand and orient it to leadership.

This way you will obtain a broad vision of your own leadership. You will achieve it with practical exercises, self-assessments and collaborative learning methods. With the program Leadership Essentials embedded in CEU postgraduates we propose innovative and flexible ways to learn to adapt to changes and different contexts. Also, once completed you will be able to:

  • Make decisions in uncertain contexts.
  • Clearly and persuasively communicate ideas and projects.
  • Create different solutions, innovative and efficient.

The Leaders required to bring about change

In order to turn into transforming agents it is necessary to understand the whole problem and challenges as well as to present creative proposals to design solutions. This is the only way to change processes and systems to improve the outcome of projects and the only way you will be able to take action.

Check here which CEU postgraduates does this CCL Leadership Essentials program include. You will learn to analyse, create and put into practice your ideas based on your values and focusing on the management of people and teams, creating a positive impact on society, everything from an experimental and practical approach. Everything within the prestigious context of the greatest Spanish educational group, with solid ethical principles based on Christian humanism, a clear international vision and a history of over 85 years.

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