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28 November, 2022
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2 December, 2022

Learning to undertake

According to the last survey of the GUESS project 4.5% of Spanish graduates have the intention of undertaking at the end of its studies. This percentage reaches 24.5% when the question is asked five years after the end of the studies.

Regardless of the temporary horizon when this decision is made, Spain ranks quite low in comparison to most developed economies in the ranking of countries with undertaking intentions of graduates. However, there is an upward trend. In many occasions, lack of knowledge stops the undertaking spirit of youngsters.

Undertaking is an activity that requires a series of knowledge, several skills and a lot of attitude. Given its multidisciplinary nature, at CEU Universities we provide the necessary technical preparation either in form of subject within mandatory education and in workshops, conferences or extracurricular activities such as entrepreneurs clubs.

These clubs are groups of graduates and entrepreneurs that meet in order to create, build and support undertaking ecosystems at University.

Undertaking in society determines its prosperity and therefore University has to support and ease this creation and does so from different actions oriented to improve employability and students’ undertaking: Training courses, days of employment simulation, tailored counselling on undertaking, networking, etc.

The skills of entrepreneurs arise from intrinsic values of the teaching methodology of CEU Universities: effort, self-improvement capacity, critical analysis, team work, resolution of problems and many others. These are skills that students normally use in the development of their academic stage.

But it is essential to have an appropriate attitude to successfully face the challenge of undertaking a project. CEU outstands for its constants dedication to promote the necessary enthusiasm and providing all resources available for its students to successfully unfold as professionals within the undertaking scope.

“CEU Emprende”, an essential cornerstone in CEU training proposal

Undertaking at CEU Universities is tackled under the umbrella of “CEU Emprende”, a transversal initiative to all our centres and education stages.

“CEU Emprende” represents one of the essential cornerstones of the educational proposal of CEU centres and its mission is to encourage and promote the undertaking spirit among its educational community and providing all means and resources necessary to all students with undertaking potential to successfully unfold. “CEU Emprende” highlights social responsibility and encourages social undertaking in collaboration of NGOs and social Foundations.

This program seeks the improvement of students’ employability through the acquisition of skills and competences linked to undertaking and supporting those undertaking projects of actual or former students through specific training programs, counselling and resources.