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11 February, 2021
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19 February, 2021

New HyFlex functionalities to improve the experience of digital presence in CEU classrooms

Coinciding with the beginning of the second semester, last 9th February there was a new session of Open Classroom. In this occasion the CEO of CEU, Javier Tello and the Coordinator of Universities and Dean of Universidad CEU San Pablo, Rosa Visiedo took part in it. In addition to expressing a few welcoming words to the new semester, they explained in detail the innovations of double-presence classrooms.

Update of class user and Teams

During the exam period, IT technicians have cleaned and updated touch screen computers in classrooms. Therefore, after the teachers first activate them, the touch screen of the classroom updates automatically its user. It has also been necessary to update Teams, Microsoft collaborative platform to activate the new meeting experience.

Improvement of digital students’ experience

For students who connect from home, the composition of the image seen has been modified. It has been made lighter to leave only the image of the front and side camera which transmits the diagonal of the class. In fact, this side camera which goes with the monitor where teachers visualize digital students and which focuses the teacher sideways will only activate in case students participate in class for more than two seconds. Therefore, the teacher will be able to answer the student, talking to that camera improving the feeling of interaction. After 20 seconds of silence of the student, the main camera will be activated again.

CEU Universities continue with their early commitment with digital transformation that without doubt has been key to adapt to this new reality as well and with its alliances with leading technological companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

The HyFlex model helps part of students to be present in class and the other part to follow lessons from home. The update of the software with these new functionalities is aimed at achieving an immersive experience in class for digital students to feel close to their teachers and peers and to participate as if they were physically in class.

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