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3 October, 2018
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Our University receives over 100 international experts to analyse the future of the environment

With the collaboration of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Iberdrola, our university has organized on 26, 27 and 28 September the XIX Edition of the Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET).

It is a prestigious scientific multidisciplinary and international forum to share and exchange research ideas and results obtained by experts in environmental taxation and other economic and market instruments designed to protect the environment and to promote sustainability.

The issue discussed in the Congress celebrated in Madrid is that of the challenges faced by 21st century environmental taxation, in particular those arising from urban concentration and the increase of transport. This edition will count on the attendance of 130 members from 23 different countries so it is a real international forum for discussion.

Over 78 specialists

On Wednesday 26th an institutional welcome ceremony was hosted at Palacio de Cibeles, headquarters of the City Hall of Madrid with the attendance of Luis Cueto, general coordinator of the City Hall of Madrid and the director of the Congress, Marta Villar, Professor of Tax and Fiscal Law of CEU USP.

During Thursday 27th and Friday 28th sessions the academic program of this international meeting will take place at the headquarters of Universidad CEU San Pablo (Julián Romea, 23). In order to discuss these topics, the program will count on the attendance of the general manager of the Spanish Office for Climatic Change, Valvanera Ulargui and on the representative of the Norman Foster Foundation with Hernan Kraviez.

It will also count with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Taxation such as Pilar Jurado, of the European Commission; Vicente Hurtado and of the OCDE, Nils Axel Braathen; and leading professors of the Universities of Wuhan (China), WU Tianbao, Vermont Law School (US), Janet Milne, Cleveland State University (US), Cantabria, Iñigo Losada and Vigo, Xavier Labandeira.

The program of parallel sessions will count with the presence of 78 experts from very different scientific, academic, governmental areas and countries among them Germany, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Cyprus, China, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, US, France, Japan, México, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Uruguay. In this meeting they will discuss the general and compared perspectives, the mitigation strategies, the policies on specific sectors and the current and future challenges.

A congress that has been all around the world

Since its launch in 2000 this Congress has been all around the world and has gathered experts of over 50 different countries representing a broad range of disciplines (legal, economic, accounting, environmental and political sciences) and sectors (academic, governmental and non-governmental and private sector).

The Professor of Financial and Taxation Law of Universidad CEU San Pablo, Marta Villar is the Director of this International Conference organized with the Faculty of Law and the University Institute of European Studies of Universidad CEU San Pablo, in collaboration with the Institute of European Studies and Iberdrola.

Previous meetings have been hosted in Cleveland, Ohio US (2000), Vancouver, Canada (2001), Woodstock, Vermont US (2002), Sydney, Australia (2003), Pavia, Italy (2004), Louvain, Belgium (2005), Ottawa, Canada (2006), Munich, Germany (2007), Singapore (2008), Lisbon, Portugal (2009), Bangkok, Thailand (2010), Madrid, Spain (2011), Vancouver, Canada (2012), Kyoto, Japan (2013), Copenhagen, Denmark (2014), Sydney, Australia (2015), Groningen, The Netherlands (2016) and Tucson, Arizona US (2017).