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5 February, 2021
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11 February, 2021

Personalized learning for a unique academic experience

In the globalized and changing world we live in educational programs are also in constant mutation. Change of programs and study plans, more intensive use of technology, demand of new teaching skills, etc. Without doubt, among the new trends personalized learning gains special importance, something that CEU Universities have incorporated for a long time.

Personalized learning but always in cooperation with others

Either at school or at university centres for long learning has not been limited to attending classes or taking notes. Today from the early years it is advised to use an educational model focused on cooperative and personalized learning that puts the student at the centre playing an active role. Everything contributes to achieving the high employability of CEU Universities thanks to its commitment to the development of skills and abilities.

Students of CEU Universities are highly motivated. Learning is important for each of them who commit to complete studies oriented to their interests at their own initiative. Responsibility, awareness, self-motivation and capacity to manage their work on the one hand and relying on teachers committed with the role of a guide, on the other, they are the key to educate responsible individuals oriented to social change. Therefore, teachers have to find the balance between individualism and cooperation.

Excellence, the key for real academic innovation

Committing to this methodology involves investing on academic quality. This is something that without doubt CEU staff offers, formed by prestigious professionals with extensive experience as well as researchers. All of them are in constant training to improve their teaching abilities. In this line, Rosa Visiedo, Dean of Universidad CEU San Pablo and Director of CEU Universities mentioned the challenges brought by the pandemic which has obliged to redouble efforts in digitalization and continue with that innovative perspective inherent to CEU:

Innovation, digital transformation, internationalization, relevant research, personalized and permanent learning, employability of our students, to awaken their willingness to serve society or to make our University, CEU as a whole, the best place to work, study, research and generate knowledge.

CEU Universities have always paid special attention to personalized accompaniment of students marked by the spirit of CEU academic project, the greatest Spanish private academic group. The health crisis has emphasized this commitment especially towards students who have started this year at University. Therefore, personal tuition programs offered in these first years have intensified in addition to mentoring ones during the last courses. The support to professors of Orientation, Pastoral and Professional Careers Departments are based on this duty.

Greater motivation and participation of students in their or academic journey, a better performance, the introduction of the continuous improvement in class when teachers receive comments from their students are some of the personalized learning advantages promoted by CEU Universities.

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