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10 June, 2020
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Postgraduates, Masters and own degrees: specialize in the health sector at CEU Universities

The employment market brings together professionals with very similar higher education and skills. For this reason, companies are demanding greater level of specialization, positively assessing those skills that make the difference. Standing out the rest of candidates with thorough and specific knowledge about an area eases also the access to top positions such as the management teams.

Health Sciences: a sector that keeps growing

In Health Sciences degrees the number of students grows each year forming in Spain very high level professionals that enjoy great prestige in other countries. If this is your area of education, specializing can be the best way to improve your actual employment situation or start a professional career in a sector of your interest. And if you do it at CEU you will have a vision oriented to internationalization as well as great opportunities in research projects.

Therefore, masters, post-graduates and university courses are not only an opportunity to broaden knowledge. They can also mean the necessary leap to successfully start a professional career. If you are also considering a Doctorate, inform yourself on the academic offer of CEU Universities.

In CEINDO, CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado, meet with research groups of the three CEU Universities which are specialized in different areas. They promote inter-universitary programs as well as the collaboration with different institutions to participate in European and international research projects. Among its offer we find the PhD in Health Sciences and Technology and PhD in Translational Medicine.

At CEU San Pablo we offer university masters and own masters with diplomas as diverse as the University Master in Sports Biomedicine, University Master in Health Law, University Master in Management of Health Biotechnological Companies (in collaboration with ASEBIO, Asociación Española de Bioempresas) or University Master in Clinical Investigation Applied to Oncology.

In turn, CEU Cardenal Herrera offers masters, own degrees and university courses in nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, medicine, nutrition, odontology and psychology. Among them there are degrees such as the University Master on Aesthetic Advanced Techniques and Laser, Expert Degree in Coordination of Clinical Trials of a Research Centre and Own Master in Management and Monitoring of Clinical Trials. Also, CEU Abat Oliba offers Masters and Post-graduates in Psychology with degrees such as Post-graduate in Psychology of Coaching in Sports.

CEU Universities adjust their academic offer to the demands of companies and to the needs of the professional world of the future. We are aware that the high competition and ever greater demands of recruiters turn specialization into a good way to improve employability of our students.

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