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24 November, 2020
CEU Universities, educational centres with history and prestige
1 December, 2020

Practical learning, key to raise the best professionals and favour competition of companies

Practical learning is gaining importance in academic environments. Acquiring theoretical knowledge is essential but having practical skills is the key to employability. Therefore, CEU Universities put practical learning in the spotlight to foster personal and academic development of its students and to improve their future professional performance.

Internships in companies represent such a starting point of the professional life, an opportunity to learn and gain experience at all levels, that enriches the CV and is a compulsory part of higher degrees. But practical learning has also to be present in lecture rooms from the first day in the form of innovative methodologies and a team of critical and dynamic teachers.

Employability, the great objective

There is no doubt that with the most practical experiences we boost what we have learnt in class. Therefore, internships in companies have the essential objective of improving the education that our students have achieved during their University stage, adjusting to the extent possible, their skills, competences, aptitudes and attitudes to the demands of the employment market, establishing also valuable contacts for the future.

Internships also help students know the professional reality and the internal operation of companies as well as the most demanded profiles, the sectors with greater movement, etc. They are also very useful to better focus professional and vocational orientation.

Promotion and professional development

CEU Universities are a source of results-oriented young professionals used to cope with international environments, to innovate and to undertake its own projects. They turn therefore into valuable agents of change for their own companies. They provide value in their competition and are essential for the transformation of professional profiles as well as for the adaptation of organizations to the demands of the market and to the complex changes of the sector.

In this line, CEU Universities turn into an ally of the productive fabric, taking part in the economic and social development as it educates the elites that will have a decisive influence in the change of society.

Thinking properly, acting properly

Among the objectives of CEU university centres, part of the first Spanish private educational group, we find the offer of a different educational experience. In this line, we work to continuously improve the academic and scientific level of CEU universities encouraging learning both inside and outside lecture rooms.

The concept of learning by doing is very present in CEU Universities. Therefore, the educational offer includes compulsory and voluntary internships, IT Rooms, audiovisual centres, TV sets, veterinary hospital, university polyclinic, simulation rooms, odontology clinics, pharmaceutical practices room, recording studios, a room to analyse in real time the stock market…Also, the multiple agreements with the main companies favour such a valuable contact with the professional world.

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