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9 December, 2021
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16 December, 2021

Prepare your trip to Spain, everything you need to know

Every day more undergraduates decide to study in Spain. Without doubts it is a great opportunity to receive an excellent academic education thanks to its prestigious institutions, the broad variety of the academic offer and the quality of life offered by this country in a safe and international environment.

If you are considering studying in Spain, here you are going to find an innovative, creative and socially responsible country but also tradition and fun! Spain’s location, bridge between Europe and Latin America, is also a point in its favour.

But above all, what you will enjoy the most is our lifestyle. Upon your arrival to Spain you will discover a relaxed way of life and a welcoming society passionate for sports, culture and social life.

Prepare your trip to Spain

You have already made your mind: you are going to come as an exchange student or you have already enrolled in a university degree, Congratulations! What do you need to prepare your trip?


In certain cases, it is necessary for international students to obtain a visa authorizing them to legally reside in our country. This is especially given to students whose country of origin is not in the EU and whose stay is going to last over three months.

Healthcare System

Our country has a broad network of healthcare centres and public hospitals which guarantees healthcare assistance. Therefore, if you are an EU citizen (or Island, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland) we recommend you to complete the necessary proceedings to obtain the European Healthcare Card and benefit from the National Healthcare System.

If you come from any other country, confirm before your arrival if there is an agreement regarding healthcare assistance with Spain; otherwise, you will have to contract a private insurance for your stay in your country: it is very important because without it you will not be able to request your study visa!


Our advice is that you start your search as soon as possible to have more options of finding the perfect accommodation for you.

There are options for all tastes and pockets from private housing to university residences.

Cost of life

The normal cost depends on the city for example in Valencia the price of a room in an average apartment is between €180 and €250 while in residences it may range between €500 and €650 per month. To this price you will have to add an estimate of costs to cover your stay in Spain: food, transport, communications, leisure…Spain has an affordable cost of life compared to the rest of European countries.


For a comfortable and easy arrival to University, CEU offers you a series of International hospitality services.

Do you need help? Know these services at:

Enjoy the best years of your life in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Elche or Castellón.