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3 November, 2020
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Research; the key in the future of university and society

The duty of the university is not only to transmit knowledge but also to create it. Not in vain university institutions of greatest prestige are strongly committed to research and the transfer of results to the society. Boosting university research is the key to the progress of a country as well as to build the economy of the future. It is worth remembering that entrepreneurship, the true economic and social engine goes hand in hand with innovation and investigation.

The necessary collaboration university-company

Without doubt the research effort represents one of the priorities of the academic life of CEU Universities. Passion for discovery, innovation and creation is the main feature of a full university life. Aware of this and committed with educational excellence and society, CEU has at present over 250 researchers in 88 research programs. Everything oriented to the objective that the fruits of our research talents take part and boost social progress.

Collaboration with the corporate world that also generates knowledge and innovation is essential for the future of a research university. Aligning the interests in investigation of universities with the needs of the market and employment requires an agile transfer. Without doubt it represents such a challenge for the university environment but also an advantage that results in the constant improvement of processes as well as in a better employability of students. 

In this context, thanks to the patronage actions of Banco Santander, CEU Universities offer scholarships and subsidies to research professors and students as well as financing for research projects and initiatives.

Internationalization, research and innovation to improve the world

Quality investigation is based on a multidisciplinary orientation and a clear international vision. For this reason, the collaboration of CEU Universities with research groups of organizations and European university centres is constant. This way, CEU takes part in national and European centres with public and private bodies and entities.

Combining research, innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship is a commitment of CEU Universities determined to generate innovations that foster economy, contribute to social progress and to the improvement of the life of people. Therefore, to achieve a university oriented to research and have a leading role in the society of the future, it is necessary to promote the following aspects:

  • To promote the relationship between the University and Corporate world to transfer scientific and technical values of University to the productive sector.
  • To support the efforts of all university researchers.  
  • To boost the participation of researchers in R&D projects.
  • To provide counselling to researchers for the correct preparation of research contracts, proposal of projects and processing of patents.
  • To identify the results obtained by the research groups and favour their transfer to the company.