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9 November, 2020
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17 November, 2020

Solidarity and research projects of CEU Universities with a positive social impact

CEU is the Spanish private institution of higher volume and tradition. Educational innovation and research projects are the main characters of Universities and a reflection of the vocation for service inherent to our educational model. Therefore critical thinking, knowledge and research talent are made available for the social purposes of public and private bodies. CEU university centres are academic communities that want to contribute to the development of society and to the improvement of the life of people, all with Christian humanism values as basis.

Solidary projects: learning and service

Social and international voluntary work in the form of cooperation to development, are strongly present in CEU universities. It is oriented to the search of social transformation of most disadvantaged countries and to build a more just, equal and solidary society at the same time as they achieve practical learning. Therefore, Pastoral, Volunteer Work and International Relations departments collaborate to promote the participation of students in projects abroad but also in their closer environment.  

It is the case of the Medical project Medipinas of CEU USP. With these solidary trips, Madrid’s students offered medical assistance to people of this country with no financial resources. This way they understood that studying Medicine is much more than getting a degree; it is also caring for those most in need. The students trip of CEU UCH to Nicaragua or the solidary project Vets for Africa, organized in Malawi for Veterinary students of the University Cardenal Herrera and the participation in solidary projects such as “Weaving networks with Makeni” or “Sharing smiles in Senegal” allow not only to learn the profession but also to understand life. With this attitude they also created Delivering Better Lives, devoted to improve the quality of life of children and youngsters with functional diversity in collaboration with professors and students committed to integration through sports.

Research, at the service of society

Improving the life of people and favouring social progress are two of the main goals of the research activity.

Good examples are the prestigious acknowledgments and publications that recognise the research activity of our community: