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16 April, 2021
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Stanford acknowledges the quality of Universidad CEU San Pablo researchers

Stanford University in California has published the ‘Ranking of the World Scientists: World´s Top 2% Scientists’, that includes research professionals whose works have been the most quoted during the last year. Among the 159.683 researchers listed in this renowned ranking –over nearly 7 million working scientists- have included three from Universidad CEU San Pablo: the Emeritus Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Emilio Herrera, Professor in Analytic Chemistry Coral Barbas and the Professor in Neurology José A. Obeso.

The list of the prestigious Californian institution has highlighted the career of the Professor in Bioethics and Molecular Biology Emilio Herrera, Emeritus Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry. For years he has researched the metabolism during pregnancy and its influence in postnatal development. The Chief of Service of Biochemistry at Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid, scientific researcher of the Superior Council of Scientific Research and Dean of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences and Health at Universidad CEU San Pablo from 1994 to 1999, Herrera has lectured at Universidad Complutense, la Universidad de Barcelona, that of Alcalá de Henares and CEU San Pablo.

In this ranking of researchers they have also included Coral Barbas who is the head of the Centre of Excellency in Metabolomics and Bioanalysis (CEMBIO) and the International School of PhDs CEINDO that joins the three CEU Universities. Coral Barbas is PhD Honoris Causa at the Medical University of Bialystok (Poland) and has received an Award by the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her area of research is focused on bioanalysis with the development of an analytic methodology for biological studies and Metabolomics applied to the search of diagnose markers, prognostic or of the effect of treatment by mass spectrometry.

Also it mentions the Professor in Neurology of the Faculty of Medicine José A. Obeso, who directs the Comprehensive Centre of Neurosciences AC HM CINAC. Dr. Obeso is a reference in the Parkinson disease and other Movement Diseases and one of the Spanish doctors with greater international projection. Dr. Obeso and his team are immersed in the development of new therapies. A specific aspect is the bilateral application – sideways- of high-intensity focal ultrasounds (HIFU) in the treatment of essential tremor and of motor expressions of Parkinson disease.

The list of the prestigious Californian institution is prepared according to the impact of the researches published, taking into consideration several factors such as the co-authorship and the percentage of self-quotes as well as by the combined analysis of a series of standard parameters, directly related to the impact of indexed scientific publications. It is considered as the scientific benchmark document with the highest prestige at an international level to know the impact of research works of professionals. The ranking highlights the work of over 160,000 first-level researchers worldwide.