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8 June, 2020
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15 June, 2020

Strategic alliances of CEU Universities and Microsoft to encourage training in digital skills

The three CEU Universities incorporate to their academic offer the first Degree in AI powered by Microsoft thanks to the strategic alliance to collaboration with technology. The objective is no other than to boost education on digital skills.

Chris Bunio, World Director of Universities at Microsoft and Javier Tello, Managing Director of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, has signed this agreement. It envisages CEU digitalization thanks to the implementation of the platform Office 365 for Education and of Microsoft Teams a tool oriented to improve communication and collaboration between students, professors and administration and services staff.

Degree in AI: education oriented to the future and employability

There is no doubt that in a few years AI will be a huge source of employment. Therefore, in this sector there will be job opportunities that do not yet exist. In fact, according to a study by LinkedIn, the profile of Expert in Artificial Intelligence is already the most demanded by companies. To this we add the shortage of professionals thus this need of the University to fulfil it, adapting teaching methodologies and the content of the CV. This is the objective of the agreement between CEU Universities and Microsoft to offer the first Degree in AI powered by Microsoft.

This new program lasts 3 years with a syllabus that will provide students with education on disruptive technology and with a great level of employability. The first cycle deals with AI fundamentals as well as the Azure platform with two expert certificates. They also include basic and advanced programming in Python for AI.

The second year looks into Machine Learning with several certificates such as Data Scientist or Data Engineer. It will also deal with basic and advanced contents of the AI official school of Microsfot on automatic learning topics, natural or robotic language processing.

More complex topics are those included in the last year as Deep Learning advanced solutions with neuronal networks as well as certificates at the highest level, highly demanded by companies and not very common among professional such as Microsoft AI Solutions Architect.

The Degree will be taught online with a challenge-based learning. It will therefore achieve an effective learning result-oriented, motivating and conceived to create solutions for real world challenges. It will also have a Topic workshop for students to solve doubts and collaborate with other colleagues to accomplish the challenges of each module.

“Educating a generation of professionals in Artificial Intelligence is an urgent challenge and an amazing opportunity. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with an educational institution such as CEU that, thanks to the creation of this specialized Degree, turns into the first University worldwide to create a 3-year program on Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft” declares the Microsoft’s World Director of Universities, Chris Bunio.


Ethics and people, always present

“This program strengthens CEU’s commitment to future careers contributing to the growth of both regions” declares Javier Tello, Managing Director of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU. It also highlights the importance of focusing on new technologies and in particular on Artificial Intelligence with ethics very present. Therefore, dignity of people, solidarity and non-discrimination shall also be at the forefront as well as the preservation of justice in line with Vatican’s initiative “Rome Call for AI Ethics”, Microsoft has joined. In fact, CEU is working already in a future collaboration with the Digital Culture Centre of the Vatican City State.

The Degree will start in January 2021 although it is expected to launch in November a pilot module. With this innovative education we seek to reach a three-fold objective:

  • To achieve a positive impact through new technologies.
  • To encourage the careers of the Future.
  • To boost the acquisition of knowledge and highly demanded skills specially in Spain and Latin-America

“With this new Program developed between CEU and Microsoft, CEU Universities are paving the way for students to turn into the highly skilled professionals demanded by organizations” explains Rosa Visiedo, Dean of University CEU San Pablo and Director of CEU Universities.  “We are excited about our collaboration with Microsoft and encourage the development of the skills of our students providing them with the necessary tools to turn into 21st century pioneers”.