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22 June, 2020
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1 July, 2020

Study a postgraduate in Spain: outstand and live a unique experience

At CEU the biggest educational institution in Spain we understand education and learning as the support throughout all stages of life. For this reason, we offer education from the first years and throughout all education stages, including the University for the Elderly. And naturally, CEU Universities include in their academic offer post-graduate studies, masters and specializations.

Health sciences, legal sciences, communication and social sciences, economy and business studies, marketing, education and arts, engineering and architecture…the areas of CEU post-graduates include topics of widespread interest and always oriented to practical learning directed to employability. Also, titles are official and adapted to the whole European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and acknowledged by International Ministers of Education. After all, the international vision is one of the cornerstones of our educational model. Therefore, CEU Universities prepare their students for a world without borders in order to make them able to develop professionally in any country and culture. With the same premises we receive international students that enrich and make our campus multicultural. Therefore, studying a post-graduate in Spain offers multiple advantages if your country of origin is in Latin America or any of our neighbour European countries:


The best way to outstand in such a competitive environment is to live a unique experience such as studying a post-graduate in Spain. Also, doing so in renowned University centres such as CEU will value your CV extending it with skills and capacities that you can only achieve when you study abroad. There are plenty of university graduates but students with an international post-graduate not so many.

Be more demanding

Having a high level of specialization is crucial to outstand before recruiters. If we add the international experience, your CV will walk past most of them. You will not only acquire deep knowledge about the area you choose but rather it will also provide you with a global vision to unfold in difficult day to day situations and propose long-term strategies.

Having a new perspective

Post-graduate and research experience in another country will show you other ways to see things and will provide you with a highly valuable experience when facing your professional future. You will be able to open your mind, learn to negotiate and work in a diverse team where collaboration will be the groundwork for improving.


Extend your contact network

You never know when and where you will find an interesting opportunity. If you choose to study a post-graduate in Spain you will be connecting with leading professionals and companies. CEU makes great efforts to include in its team profiles from the business sector that can offer a real view oriented to results as well as provide sound knowledge of the area. On the other hand, CEU Universities have programs and agreements with national and international leading companies to enrich education.

Access the educational post-graduate offer of CEU Universities and discover the value of the difference: