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19 February, 2021
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Studying physiotherapy at CEU: internships, prestige and employability

Are you thinking about studying physiotherapy in Spain? Have you heard about CEU’s prestige in this degree? Being a physiotherapist is way more than helping in rehabilitation. This occupation includes prevention and diagnosis as well as therapeutic treatments. If you decide to study physiotherapy at CEU Universities you will find professors who are working physiotherapists (up to 70% of the staff of CEU Cardenal Herrera) and many of them are PhDs in Physiotherapy (up to 60% of CEU San Pablo). Therefore our graduates achieve a high rate of employability (over 90%) as they hold a highly prestigious degree in the labour market. Therefore, CEU alumni work at the most important first division sports clubs of disciplines such as football or basketball.

A sector that keeps growing

With the Degree in Physiotherapy we prepare our students to professionally unfold as physiotherapists both in the private (medical consultation and clinics) and in public sector (hospitals, social and health services, etc.), national and internationally. Without doubt, the employment opportunities in this degree are very broad: from the healthcare activity to the teaching and research one. These last years the demand of this type of professionals has increased. Therefore, at CEU we offer a degree adapted to the demands of the labour market with over 20 years of academic experience.

This discipline prevents, diagnoses and treats consequences, physical damages, disabilities, chronic diseases, etc. But technical education is not the only thing important to compose the professional profile of thebest physiotherapist. To accompany patients in the often painful recovery process they also need to have human values and attitude and at CEU we offer comprehensive education based on Christian Humanism values. We also provide additional post graduate education in advanced therapeutic areas highly demanded. This is the case of the manual therapy, dry needling and sports physiotherapy.

A practical, international and prestigious education

Physiotherapy students at CEU work from the first day in the resolution of clinical cases simulated in small groups of maximum 12 students and in avant-guard installations. We have physiotherapy laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technologies. From the second year and until the end of their studies they treat real patients, something that turns them into excellent candidates in the different recruitment processes. Also, the Degrees in Physiotherapists of CEU San Pablo and CEU Cardenal Herrera are those with more clinical practices hours in Spain (1,300 hours in the first case and 1,200 in the second) added to the possibility of enjoying extracurricular interships from the second year.

Also at CEU Universities we offer the possibility of studying the Degree in English and spending part of it in a foreign university which emphasizes the international dimension of our campus. With all this, we turn our graduates and postgraduates in Physiotherapy into highly renowned professionals in the sector.

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