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18 July, 2019
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6 August, 2019

Summer volunteer programs: solidarity projects of CEU Universities

Studying at CEU Universities is much more than receiving education to obtain a Degree, Postgraduate or Master. Life at campus nourishes from cultural, social and sport activities as well as from entrepreneurship and volunteer work. These are initiatives that perfectly match the service-minded and commitment to people most in need values of CEU. No wonder, the Articles of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU mention among its purposes, the construction of a more just and fraternal society through the service to the common good.

Therefore, volunteer work, solidarity and cooperation are very present through different campaigns, field works, conferences and other proposals. These are highly valuable initiatives for our students as they reinforce their self-esteem, help them improve their skills to work in teams and practice what they have learned in class improving their employability. In other words, it is possible to learn and help at the same time. This is how we achieve a real comprehensive education.

Volunteer projects at CEU San Pablo

CEU USP offers several alternatives; from volunteering activities with children (in prisons, special centres, mother-infant houses, juvenile education centres, schools of the Community of Madrid, children’s homes and supervised flats, residences of the Missionaries of Charity), activities with elder or sick people (in residences and hospitals) and with homeless and immigrants (at community kitchens, assistance centres, reception centres and foundations, routes to distribute food). Moreover it offers opportunities in different areas of Spain and international cooperation projects in countries such as Sierra Leona. All the information and contact regarding volunteering at CEU San Pablo is available here.

Volunteer projects at CEU Cardenal Herrera

The University offers solidarity programs such as “Sharing smiles”, “Vets for Africa”, “Casa Nostra” or “Medipinas”. The scenarios were they take place range from different areas of Africa such as Senegal and Malawi to Philippines and the city of Valencia. Moreover, the Chair of Solidarity seeks to enhance volunteer among the members of the whole university community. It embeds solidarity projects such as “Senegal Mission: teaching smiles” and «Medipinas». Further information on the solidarity initiatives of CEU UCH, is available here.

Volunteer programs at CEU Abat Oliba

It is the Department of Education and Arts of the centre the one responsible of offering students each year different volunteering activities. Fundación Ared, Fundación Escó, Niños sin barreras, Casal dels infants, Acción contra el hambre…are only a few of the organizations with which Universidad CEU Abat Oliba works. In addition, in Christmas, there are special campaigns and activities. International projects are also developed in Latin America, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, England, Peru and Senegal.

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