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20 July, 2020
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3 August, 2020

Technical and digital profiles, the most demanded in an uncertain and changing environment

Much has been said about the VUCA world to describe the environment in which we are immersed; that of a world full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. COVID-19 crisis shows that this description falls short. Facing university education and the entry into the labour market in this situation is without doubt, such a challenge.

The pandemics has done nothing but increase the growing demand of profiles specialized in robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality or cybersecurity with the experts in ethical and legal issues related to these fields. Also, it is expected that the need of programmers, experts in digital marketing, preventive medicine, biotechnology and e-health (virtual assistance) professionals, psychologists and coaches will trigger. The education sector which requires greater customization and that will be increasingly based on technological tools is also expected to be a sector on the rise. On the other hand, corporate social responsibility and sustainability will gain more importance in organizations given the greater awareness of society.

An educational offer adjusted to the labour market

In CEU Universities we work to adapt to companies’ demands. This is the only way we will be able to offer our students an employability rate always over 90%. Therefore we constantly update the academic offer of CEU Universities and we establish alliances with cutting-edge organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon or Blackboard in addition to collaborations to develop own degrees, such as it is the case of grupo Publicis or IBM. Moreover, internship agreements link CEU students to companies outstanding in their sector and with a clear commitment to innovation.

Most part of CEU Universities degrees offer also bilingual modalities or totally in English as an example of the international vision of our centres. Therefore, CEU San Pablo offers Biomedical Engineering, Engineering of information systems and Engineering of telecommunication systems. Also, at the centre in Madrid, students can study the University Master in Biomedical Engineering and the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems. In turn, CEU UCH offers postgraduates for a sector with as much future as the energetic one, such as the University Master in Project Management and Power Installations and the University Master in power installations management and internationalization of projects.

With this approach towards careers related to new technologies and STEM profiles which are the ones with highest employability levels, CEU Universities want to offer their students the best options to start their professional career. To date there is a demand of technical profiles highly oriented to practical learning. This way, students are provided with the necessary tools to overcome challenges through the analysis as well as skills that allow the appropriate management of change and uncertainties, key skills for a successful professional future.