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18 August, 2020
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24 August, 2020

The advantages of studying a double degree: employability and differentiation

Double degrees offer broad education and involve a high level of demand, organization and commitment. All this is highly appreciated by companies so studying a double degree eases the access to the labour market. The teaching load will be higher and the duration will be longer than in standard degrees so if you choose to study a double degree at CEU you have to take into account that it will involve special dedication.

The international approach is one the cornerstones of CEU educational group. For this reason, CEU’s educational offer will provide double degrees taught in Spanish and English or only in English. There is no doubt that mastering languages will be another plus that will make your CV outstand in the eyes of recruiters opening also opportunities in the international market. If to this we add different internships in top companies it is easier to understand why our employability level is over 95% and over 100 Alumni are among the most influential people of the most varied sectors.

Double degrees are a guarantee of employability

Holding a double degree means without doubt differentiation when starting your professional career. And if you study it in any of CEU Universities, centres of recognised national and international standing, the effort will be worthwhile. Also having broad knowledge of two related areas you will be able to apply to more positions.

When studying a double degree you will gain concentration capacity, creative thinking and broad and multidisciplinary knowledge of the area you choose. To this we add the encouragement of entrepreneurship in many of these degrees including training in marketing and business. Double degrees revalue degrees that at first have no optimal employment opportunities as they complement them with a practical education oriented to results.

They also offer the option of avoiding to make the decision between two areas of your interest and although they last longer, they will always demand less time than studying two consecutive degrees. Moreover if you choose this last option you shall bear in mind that there are subjects from different degrees that overlap and therefore opting for a double degree is the most intelligent choice.

CEU Universities adapt always to changes of companies’ demands of professionals. This is seen for example in the double degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering and Degree in Biomedical Engineering of CEU San Pablo. It is a real bet for the future and employability of students intended to provide comprehensive education for the application of engineering principles in the context of life sciences and telecommunications.

Degree in Administration and Business Management and Degree in Economics, Degree in Pharmacy and Degree in Administration and Business Management, Double Degree in Political Sciences + Business Management, Degree in Law and Degree in International Relations and European Union…are only a few examples of the offer of Madrid’s University. On its part, CEU Abat Oliba offers degrees as interesting as the double degree in Law and Business Management or Marketing and Commercial Management + Business Management or Double Degree in Psychology + Criminology and Security, among others. Moreover, among double degrees offered by CEU Cardenal Herrera we find the Double Degree in Law + Publicity and Public Relationships, Double Degree in Journalism + Audiovisual Communication, Double Degree in Pharmacy + Human Nutrition and Dietetics and others in areas such as education, health sciences, rights and policies, etc.

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