Nuevas oportunidades para el futuro laboral de los estudiantes CEU
New opportunities for the employment future of CEU students
21 October, 2021
La vida en el campus, ¡vive tu universidad!
Campus life, enjoy your university!
29 October, 2021

The importance of education in transforming skills for the employability of youngsters

Twenty per cent of actual employment responsibilities will disappear in the short or medium term according to OECD information.

In this scenario, those skills not related to a specific technical knowledge but rather to abilities, adaptation resources and relation with the environment gain special importance. Technology may become outdated but those personal skills that make professionals contribute in practically any context do not. That is the reason why they are so coveted by companies and organizations. The value added is there based on the idea that knowledge contributes and attitude multiplies.

This type of skills are related to the concept of soft skills. Among them we have the capacity to adapt, communication, work team, assumption of responsibilities or emotional intelligence.

Soft skills have turned into an essential element for the management of this “liquid” environment we live in and have a key value in the labour and employment market. Education and training programs of these skills better valued are those that in addition to boosting persona development provide a certificate of this training.

CEU Program for the Education of Transforming Skills

After the realisation of this idea, CEU Universities have created the Program for the Education of Transforming Skills. In the different modules of this education, complementary to some CEU masters, the professional future works concepts such as self-knowledge, team work, communication, undertaking, persuasion, capacity to innovate to solidarity within a group.

It takes place following a methodology based on the transforming power of experience. Concepts treated and experimented in real environments which makes the assimilation easier within a context of relationship with others and that provides significant learning and with service vocation.

Education is specifically designed for students of Postgraduates of University who will build a sense of responsibility worldwide and will assume the leading role in changes, renewals and assistance demanded by the different realities of today and tomorrow.

The Program of Transforming Skills of CEU Universities prepares students to master all skills and abilities so demanded both by companies and society in new professional profiles.

It is carried out following an especially practical methodology and related to the real world following a flexible agenda and adapted to the learning needs of students.

This program is based in a combination of practical, dynamic activities, theoretical models, self-assessment exercises and feedback between equals and spaces for reflection.

Students have a professional (facilitator) in charge of counselling on leadership issues whose duties are to help students and guide them during the education process with different active didactic techniques under the learning strategy.