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The importance of scientific and research culture at CEU Universities

University life will be marked by the passion for innovation, discovery and creation. At CEU we have no doubt that research is the engine of knowledge development at University. Therefore, among the objectives of CEU Universities we find both the creation of research projects and the transmission of the knowledge created.

On this basis, CEU Universities and Research Institutes work to foster and support the research activity either in the University or corporate context always with a special interest on disseminating results to the society. All this motivates CEU to form part of programs and national and international projects to encourage science knowledge and dissemination. A good example is the active participation in the organization of Madrid’s Science Week or the European Soirée of Researchers of Universidad CEU San Pablo de Madrid.

Research; the key to employability and teaching innovation

Research involves being aware of all new developments in a scientific area. Therefore, a professor and researcher is constantly updated. Also with his contribution he is involved in the progress of science and forms students to make them able to face future challenges to be able to investigate by themselves and with autonomy. Their duty is also to integrate their students in the University’s research groups.

Without doubt research has to transfer the knowledge created to the corporate world in order to improve society. But the first place where the professor and research has to pour all his efforts is in class.

Research and teaching go hand in hand at CEU, an education institution aware of the importance of its research role. Solving real problems, being published in prestigious scientific magazines, establishing a healthy competition to favour improvement and above all, having a positive impact on people’s lives.

People at the heart

Providing innovative solutions to a real problem is without doubt a duty of great impact because improves society. This is the real reason of CEU Universities’ commitment to research: people. These bodies are in charge mainly of the coordination of PhD programs as well as the granting of awards before and after PhDs., of scholarships for research mobility, the management of six-year research by CNEAI and internal grants to research projects. Here you can check all research initiatives of the three CEU Universities:

•          Research at CEU San Pablo.

•          Research at CEU Cardenal Herrera.

•          Research at Abat Oliba.