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The main skills every entrepreneur should develop to achieve success

Entrepreneurship is very much present in CEU educational offer from the first years of school to the university and post-university stage. This is the only way to raise an entrepreneurial mind oriented to success and capable of having initiative, creativity, self-confidence and enthusiasm. All this approach is addressed to boost the creation of new ideas providing solutions to real problems, collaborating in the improvement of society. To this end, CEU University centres propose different initiatives to boost the entrepreneurial spirit offering also support at all stages of the project. 

5 key skills for an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur goes way beyond having an innovative idea. For its successful development it is necessary to have a personality which combine a series of entrepreneurial skills:

Constant search of opportunities

Initiative and proactivity are essential. To act anticipating to the problem, constantly seeking business opportunities, thinking how to stay ahead of competition with new products or services…Executing actions oriented to very clear objectives is crucial.

Courage and capacity to assume calculated risks

The risk is implicit when undertaking. But this does not imply that entrepreneurs are reckless. In order to be able to implement an idea it is essential to know how to assume risks and assess counterparties as well as rewards. With this approach we will avoid the fear of missing the opportunity and face our fear of failure.

Self-confidence and self-efficiency

This means believing in oneself, feeling confident and trusting our own capacities to face challenges. These personality traits make us consider ourselves as capable of reaching our goals. Self-efficiency also avoids feeling the fear of assuming risks so an entrepreneurial mind will always focus on the benefits of the opportunities presented.

Critical and creative thinking

To offer new ideas and make the correct decisions creativity and innovation are essential. This is the way to approach the different situations from different perspectives, designing original alternatives to continue. In turn, critical thinking involves the capacity to analyse, argue and apply logic. With it we find solutions adjusted to the problem detected after objectively analysing the situation.

Leadership skills

They are essential to organize your own work and the work of the team. A successful entrepreneur shall adopt the leadership style that better adapts to the business model and personality. In case of a team the entrepreneur will appear as the leader able to transmit with passion and motivation everything that has to be done.

For further information on everything CEU can do for entrepreneurs please check the information offered by the three CEU Universities: