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12 November, 2020
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19 November, 2020

The transfer of knowledge at University, key for social and economic development

Scientific and research culture forms part of the cornerstones of CEU Universities and this involves organizing and taking part in international projects and programs to boost knowledge and dissemination of science in the society. Within the framework of social responsibility of University centres, the transfer of knowledge holds a prominent place to apply to for the benefit of all. Therefore, the connection between the University and corporate world is essential.

Legislation considers this role placing research at the heart of teaching, considering it also a basic tool for social development through transfer. The role of University is to generate knowledge, promote critical and scientific thinking, boosting research and managing national and international transmission of knowledge. With all these activities, it will be contributing to innovation and competitiveness of companies and to extend the productive network, as well as the technological development and progress both economic and social. This way, University takes part in the improvement of life of people and in its growth in equality and freedom for which public-private collaboration is indispensable.

Social commitment of CEU Universities also involves research

CEU Universities also as part of the first Spanish private educational group are a reference to attract talent, which we qualify and offer an international educational experience. This way, research structures of CEU Universities and its research centres have over 70 research projects ongoing with an investment that already amounts to 7 million euros.

The Offices for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) are the bodies in charge of bolstering and managing relations between University centres and companies from the point of view of research and technological innovation. Among its duties: to direct University R&D activities towards the technological interests of the social and economic environment. Therefore, its main objectives are:

  • To ease the connection between University and company fostering the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector.
  • To provide support on scientific and technological issues to University researchers.
  • To promote the participation of researchers in national and international R&D projects.
  • To collect in data bases the information on groups, lines and research projects as well as the infrastructure and R&D offer, the catalogues of the technological offer and the research memory.
  • To guide in the preparation of research contracts, proposal of R&D projects and drafting and processing of patents for researchers.
  • To determine the outcome of works of the research groups and to favour their transmission to companies.