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11 September, 2020
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18 September, 2020

The University experience, much more than a degree: student clubs, culture, voluntary work and more

Studying at CEU Universities goes far beyond receiving an excellent education oriented to employability and internationalization. It is such a vital experience that will mark a turning point in the life of our students who will remember their University stage for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, to the teaching hours of each degree and post graduate, students can add activities of all sorts. Life at CEU campus is based on reception, participation and mutual enrichment. Regardless of your interests, you will surely find an initiative to join in order to continue with your personal growth. 

Advantages of being a member of CEU student clubs

At CEU Universities you will find groups focused on all areas and with frequent proposals. They are places for the exchange of ideas and practices with people with the same passions as yours. Participating in these clubs, you:

  • Will get to know new people beyond your class mates or of your nationality with whom you share the same interests and tastes.
  • Will learn and progress in those areas you are most interested in without involving an extra cost.
  • Will improve your communication, leadership, team management, negotiation skills, etc.
  • Will live new and participative experiences. Concerts, encounters, theatre performances, markets…each year we propose innovative projects open to all.

Cultural activities to mature and learn

Music, cinema, photography, scenic arts, debate, literature, gastronomy, graphic design, entrepreneurship…at CEU university campus you will find varied plans. Check your University news to join workshops, seminars and events. But you will not only attend as assistant or guest. If you have ideas, we will support you to make them real.

Solidarity and voluntary work to give your very best

Taking part in voluntary projects does not only motivate but rather represents a source of learning and experiences very useful for professional life. CEU Universities encourage students to take part in these solidary initiatives. They are a good example of the CEU educational model oriented to raise the leaders of the future to be able to change the world for the better on the grounds of Christian Humanism Values.