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Tips for your first days at University

The first day of class is the beginning of a thrilling time, full of new experiences that will forge your personal and professional future. Surely the University stage will be the best of your life and you will always remember it with love. Therefore it is necessary to face it with dedication and commitment to make the most of it. Here we offer you some ideas to get off to the right start in this new adventure and help you in your first days at university.

Inform and organize yourself

To avoid that feeling of “being lost” collect all information which may be useful and organize your ideas. Our advice is that you investigate your faculty, that you walk around the campus before starting and that you browse the Web and social media. You can also revise the teaching guide of your Degree and if you have the chance, ask other students.

Remember that there is an Orientation Service available for you as well as a Secretary of the Faculty willing to help you at any time.

Make the most of your lessons

All lessons are important and necessary. Attend from the first day to be in touch with teachers, lessons and peers. In those first sessions, teachers will explain the syllabus, their grading methods, their works, projects and internships of the year.

Sit where you feel more comfortable and do not be scared of siting on the first row. Take notes and ask all doubts you may have. Make the most of your education from the first day!


Remember that the first day of class at university is the starting point for everybody not only for you. Everybody is new and getting to know others is part of the enriching experience offered by this stage. You will surely find great friends among your peers.

Enjoy the welcoming sessions of the first days for new students and recesses between classes to start conversations. Everybody is as expectant as you are so it will be easy. Do not miss meals or dinners normally organized the first weeks. Be talkative and open to find those people better matching your personality.

Also during the year you may attend several activities of the university where you will meet new people.

Involve your self

Your University life and your routines will be different from the ones you had until now. You have moved countries and you live in a flat or University residence. In this new stage of your life you will have more freedom but also more responsibility. Therefore we advise you to involve yourself and make an effort to give your very best.

Attend lessons, study and profit from all resources and teachers you have available to study the degree you have chosen. Keep the interest and enthusiasm to stretch as far as possible your university years. They are the best ones, you know!