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19 November, 2021
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26 November, 2021

Tips to make friends at Campus

University is a period of life marked by novelty: new colleagues, new teachers and new places. The brimming excitement at the beginning of this stage comes along with a real challenge. Do not be afraid, it happens to everybody and most remember these years as the “best of their lives”. To help you overcome these initial nervousness here you have some tips to give a boost to your social life at campus.

  1. Leave your comfort zone.

Although you are in a new country, you remain in your comfort zone when you chat with your lifelong friends, have a videocall with your family or listen to the music you like. Look around you, you have thousands of new students from a hundred different nationalities or in other words, you are not alone. All of you start from scratch and find yourself in a new place willing to make new friends. Look for an opportunity to speak with new people!

  1. Make the most of clubs and activities.

If you are shy or you find it difficult to start conversation with a colleague you don’t know, take part in all activities organized by your University. They are a great opportunity to meet friends doing something you like! You will find people with your same interests, you will try new activities or will be able to connect again with that passion of yours you had left aside. Students’ clubs are associations of students who join to share their passion. Finding people with whom you share a hobby is one of the best ways to create close relationships.

  1. Study in common areas.

The library has many open work spaces and rooms for team work. Leave your room and you will interact with others always respecting the silence necessary to study.

  1. Welcome Days.

These sessions are hosted at the beginning of the year and welcome first year students to ease their quick adaptation to university life and give them all the information necessary to start the year. Also it is the first meeting with new students and the opportunity to know other students with common interests and hobbies, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy your University life because you will never forget it. It is a process that will turn you into a more mature and independent person. It is time to know other people, live new experiences and make important friends that you will keep for the rest of your life.