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21 December, 2022
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Tips to pass your exams

This is a new stage in your life that brings new and thrilling challenges and that in some cases requires new strategies to face them and this is where SOU, our University Orientation Service, plays its part because at CEU you will never be alone.

Quoting Cristina Peralta, responsible of the University Orientation Service of University CEU San Pablo“SOU accompanies students in all personal and academic dimensions to turn university not in a mere platform to complete their studies but rather into a collaborator in the personal growth of students at all levels”.

This accompaniment is done in two areas: personal, providing psychological assistance in the different complex situations the student may be facing; and academic, through study techniques, time management and different resources to contribute to the improvement of academic performance of students.

Who can use SOU? 

All our students studying a Degree can be assisted by the service from the beginning of their studies.

The reasons to request SOU’s assistance are many and varied; from the reduction of academic performance to personal situations where students suffer anxiety, depression, adaptation difficulties, etc.

“Everyone at some point has difficulties and we cannot always handle them on our own…walking this path with someone is always easier”, says the responsible of the University Orientation Service.

Likewise it is also appropriate to highlight that our SOU always provides its services to students with special academic needs, dealing with each case in particular and making the relevant decisions. Afterwards, the information is sent to the teaching staff in those cases where academic adaptation is required.

What tools do we use?

As explained by Cristina Peralta: “After asking for assistance we organize a first meeting with the student to value its needs. From then we design a plan of individual sessions in order to accompany the students all the time necessary”.

It also offers resources and tools that students can find in the Intranet: tips to improve personal care, strategies to implement academic performance, recommendations and steps to create good study habits.

Tips to pass exams

Before concluding we would like to leave you, future CEU student, some tips to apply during your study period and therefore pass all exams you may have.

  • Organizing in advance the topics to study. Preparing a realistic planning. Making a list with daily objectives that we wish to achieve in order of importance and assign time to each task.
  • Meeting timetables. Establishing the time to start studying and fulfil it. Try to study always at the same time as it will help our mind to identify this time with the time of maximum performance and concentration.
  • Alternating tasks that require greater concentration such as memorizing with others such as making schemes or underlying.
  • Planning breaks. Do not study until exhaustion.
  • Having a positive attitude towards study: trying to free our mind from possible concerns.
  • Having a healthy and balanced diet, doing exercise, having leisure time and sleeping well will help us improve our concentration during study.