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16 January, 2020
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Twenty third CEU Ángel Herrera Awards acknowledge the social, educational and research duty of people and institutions

On the 23rd January 2020 has taken place at El Casino de Madrid the award ceremony of the Angel Herrera CEU Awards, created in 1997 by the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, after the name of the founder of Asociación Católica de propagandistas (ACdP) and the Foundation itself, Mr Ángel Herrera. Its purpose is to acknowledge the social, educational and research contribution of different people as well as of public and private organizations.

This year it has included new categories in order to highlight the effort of those agents oriented to the improvement of society and common good.

A well-deserved acknowledgment to solidarity organizations 

The ceremony was conducted by the journalist Carlos Franganillo. In the category of “Ethics and Values”, the event has acknowledged Fundación Aladina devoted to the improvement of the quality of life of children and youngsters with cancer and their families. According to the President of the Foundation, Paco Arango, “child cancer is a very long battle; we cannot stop because it is a ferocious enemy”.

In the category “Solidarity” the award has been granted to Fundación Recover for its program “Hospitals for Africa”. With this project they offer health assistance in different hospital centres of this continent favouring dignified treatment and the coverage of the basic needs of the healthcare population. According to Chus de la Fuente, Director of the Organization, education is the key to promote change. She has also mentioned when receiving the award, that it is such an injection of spirit to continue working.

The education sector, always at the heart of the awards

The award to “Corporate collaboration in the educational sector” has been given to Banco Santander for its “continued investment” on the sector. The entity has been collaborating for over two decades with university centres and research throughout the world. Its aim is to contribute to the progress of people, companies and society. Matías Rodríguez, President of Santander Universidades highlighted that it is not possible “to face great challenges of the day if we do not pay attention to education. There is no other lever more important than education to provide solutions”.

In turn, in the category “Educational Innovation in the technological sector” Microsoft Iberica has been rewarded for its affordable and user-friendly technological contribution which transforms the day to day life of classrooms. Amazon Web Service also received an award for the project “Alexa in Education”. This proposal allows students, teachers and families to use their voices to interact with technology. Alberto Marcos, Higher Education Head of Microsoft Ibérica has declared that the services offered seek common good and inclusion. Moreover, Pilar Torres, from Amazon has mentioned that Alexa’s service is especially valuable because it puts students at the heart. According to Torres, CEU shows with facts its commitment to innovation.

Supporting Catholic cultures dissemination projects

The priest Marco Frisina has received the award from the hands of the Director of CEU Foundation, Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza, for his use of music as an instrument for evangelization. This award has also been given to Orchestra conductor, Inma Shara for her benefit concerts to help vulnerable people as well as to support solidarity associations. Frisina has declared that “art can help humanization” and that it is a useful tool to “create bridges between catholic religion and society” which are so necessary. In this same line, Inma Shara has noted that music “transforms society” and that culture is “nourishment for the spirit”. She also declared “I am very proud of my Christian values”.

An affectionate award for our Alumnis

CEU Alumni have also been rewarded. The category “Alumni Junior” has rewarded Alejandra Quereda, gymnast and medallist. She has highlighted the important values inculcated by sports since childhood. The award “Alumni Senior” has been given to Carlos Franganillo for his journalistic career.

As “Best journalistic work in the educational field” the award has been given to Ana Torres, Education journalist of El País for her article “The Canary Islands, the first Community that makes emotional education compulsory for schools”.  In her speech she has highlighted the importance of teachers in the change and improvement of the educational model.