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5 August, 2021
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12 August, 2021

Undertaking: designing in the present your professional future

Undertaking goes beyond creating your own work or a company. The entrepreneurial mindset is a way of understanding life, an attitude that makes you visualize opportunities where others only see barriers. CEU Schools foster undertaking from early ages and CEU Universities follow this pace. All of it within the framework of the transversal project CEU Emprende, which represents one of the cornerstones of the CEU educational model

From ideas to action: undertaking for social progress

There is unanimity when acknowledging that companies are the main economic progress, employment creation and competition driving force. Therefore in order to present solutions to the employment crisis it is essential to recognise the role of entrepreneurs.

In a world full of uncertainties such as the present one, the best tool to face problems such as unemployment and the absence of talent is undertaking. There are also sectors that offer huge possibilities to creative minds with initiative and social concerns: we are talking about sustainability, health or diversity.

5 reasons to undertake

After completing university education it is the time to decide which pace to take. There is an option to start working for others but also the idea of creating a customized project. The reasons to undertake and create a business are endless:

It allows working with motivation and passion

The necessary effort to succeed can only be made if done with passion. Therefore it is essential to choose something really motivating which involves a challenge and commitment. Undertaking offers the possibility of pursuing a dream, something that really thrills us.

It makes you responsible of your own destiny

Freedom when making decisions makes up for the weight of responsibility. Entrepreneurs choose the direction of their business and therefore their lives. But undertaking does not involve deciding and assuming risks alone 100% of times. You can and should also work in a team, receive advice from professionals, learn from others’ experiences and rely on others.

Always based on a business plan you can program and implement at the pace chosen and considering the different more convenient options. This is not case of working as a self-employed: in that case the ultimate decision will be made by others although we may influence them.

Get rid of routine and encourage creativity

The activity of an entrepreneur will never be monotonous or boring. Each day comes with new business opportunities, contingencies and different situations to adapt to. Change is an opportunity rather than something to be afraid of. Restless and creative minds that turn from boredom will find in undertaking the best of challenges.

Continuous learning and growth

In order to improve and adapt to changes it is necessary to investigate and learn every day. Education has to be constant throughout the whole undertaking process. The interest for learning new concepts is in the DNA of entrepreneurs. Also, being able to implement in your own business what you have learned is highly motivating.

Providing value involves great satisfaction

Turning an idea into reality, accomplishing it by own initiative and working every day to attain success are already enough reasons to undertake. But also you may add the contribution to the society. Any undertaking involves an improvement of the environment but those focused on people and on environment provide extra satisfaction. In fact, at some stage of the development of the business it will be necessary to recruit and you will create employment, which is highly rewarding.

CEU commitment with undertaking

We wish to support our students when designing their own future. Therefore we guide them through the planning and development of the business plan and continue supporting them during its implementation.

With CEU Emprende, present in the three CEU Universities we offer a space conceived for entrepreneurs. Also throughout university education there are many occasions for students to develop their undertaking initiative: the Business Competition, the program to learn to create a start up, different seminars, activities of the Entrepreneurs Club. All of it aimed at the undertaking initiative, basic for the creation of successful companies.