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9 November, 2018
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12 November, 2018

Universidad CEU San Pablo takes part in the 18th Week of Science and Innovation

Just as each year, Universidad CEU San Pablo shows its commitment to science through its participation in the Week of Science and Innovation which is one the most important events for scientific dissemination in Europe.

Next 18th edition is organized by the Foundation for Knowledge madri+d, an initiative of the Council for Education, Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid. Its objective is to make quality higher education, science, technology and innovation key elements for competitiveness and wellbeing of the society. Therefore it promotes cooperation between universities and the scientific and industrial sector with this type of proposals.

The Week of Science will take place from 5th to 18th November. The campus of Universidad San Pablo CEU will host up to 41 activities in all scientific areas. There will be 18 courses and workshops, 9 guided tours and open-door sessions, 3 didactic itineraries and excursions, 10 round tables and conferences and one speech/colloquium.

The objective: bringing science to society

This initiative intends to bring the actual scientific scene to society. It also seeks with special interest to encourage scientific vocations actively working to eliminate the gender gap. Likewise it wishes to show the advantages of technological and scientific progress for citizens. People who visit us will get information on news of their interest.

Over 27 professors from different CEU faculties as well as the Polytechnic School will take part in activities. They will share their knowledge, valuing that most of the public will be youngsters and non-skilled. All events planned for this week will require previous booking. Here you have all the information on activities and enrolment.

Some of the issues that will be discussed during the week will be the science of colour and the change from chroma to virtual sets, the intelligent brain, powerful minds, development of videogames for the rehabilitation of motor functions in children with brain paralysis, how to reduce anxiety in public examinations, examinations and staff recruitments processes, among others.