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9 February, 2019
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28 February, 2019

Voluntary Work, a useful tool for employability

Solidarity is one the values of CEU Universities along with innovation, international approach and investigation. University centres orient their educational projects to results. Therefore, reaching a high level of employability is always into the spotlight.

Through voluntary work our students develop their personal capacities and skills putting them at the service of society. Therefore, the three CEU Universities offer voluntary work programs. But, also, solidarity is one of the keys to a successful professional future.

Only a caring person can turn into the best professional.

Solidarity action and acquisition of skills for professional life

Several studies link the activity of voluntary work with greater possibilities of finding a job. Employers value predisposition to work in teams of people with this background, as well as their flexibility, autonomy, initiative and great capacity to organize and plan. The ability to solve problems, leadership, innovation and interpersonal communication are other highlights of volunteers.

Being able to adapt to changes and new situations is something essential also learnt taking part in solidarity projects. In an environment where the level of uncertainty is ever increasing, such as the present and future professional world, this is highly valuable.

All the above are conclusions of the study of the situation of youth voluntary work towards employment: skills and employability by Proyecto Reconoce which highlights the effort of volunteers to improve society and also their own situation.

Multiple voluntary work possibilities in CEU Universities

In CEU, solidarity has great importance throughout all educational stages. A good example is the annual celebration of the CEU Voluntary Work Fair. Organized by the Voluntary Work and Social Responsibility area of the Corporate Directorate of People gathers solidarity projects carried out by the whole CEU educational community. Here the three universities have an important presence.

The offer for university students is varied: from assistance to the homeless, immigrants, elderly people, sick people or with disabilities, to children at risk of exclusion and activities developed in our closest environment but also collaborates with solidarity initiatives beyond our borders.

Taking part in voluntary work projects is very present in the three universities because social activity is part of the DNA of the CEU. Added to the fact that the values associated to voluntary work and the learning this involves are highly valued in the labour market.