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14 October, 2022
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20 October, 2022

We squeezed the most out of the European Investigators Night!

The challenges and opportunities presented by the metaverse discover how videogames can help rehab children with cancer or delve into green infrastructures of cities to make them more sustainable. These are some of the 17 Universidad CEU San Pablo proposals in the thirteen edition of the European Investigators Night.

The European Investigators Night of Madrid is a project to support the work of investigators. It is held in more than 350 European cities.

In Madrid it will be coordinated by Fundación madri+d. This project is financed by the European Union within the Program Horizonte Europa for research and innovation.

“Investigate for a better Europe” was the moto of this edition where 80 professors and experts from different Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine, Economic Sciences and Business, Arts and Communication Sciences and the Higher Polytechnic School opened their labs and premises for participants to experiment and learn bearing in mind an intelligent Europe of Cities, climatically neutral, inclusive and to improve the physical and mental health of citizens.

The Higher Polytechnic School organized a workshop for Digital Manufacturing adapted to improve university campus and make them more inclusive, to experiment on the colour and origin and introduce it in the world of intelligent objects and men-machine interfaces by the manufacture of an autonomous vehicle using LIDAR and RADAR for the detection of obstacles.

Also during this post-pandemic period where physical and mental health is so important they proposed activities related to this type of care and vocation to psychology: “Psychologist for a day” and “Is it possible to accept cancer in the family?” as well as others oriented to the promotion of health “Know, care and protect your organs against cancer” or “Nutritional situation of patients with celiac disease. Gluten free food and diet”.