Alumnos CEU en Columbia
Columbia University will receive our CEU students
29 September, 2018
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CEU students travel to China to learn about new technologies
3 October, 2018

alumnos internacionales

To wholeheartedly welcome our over 1,300 international students who start their new academic year in the different campus of our University in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, we have organized several sessions of the Welcome Day, a ceremony which has become a tradition in the CEU in the last years.

This activity is intended to make students feel the support of the institution and to provide them access to all the necessary information for their new life in campus far from home. It is also an excellent opportunity for them to meet the rest of the international students with whom they will be sharing most of their time in the next months.

Universidad CEU San Pablo

In Madrid, the “Welcome Day” has counted with the attendance of 250 new foreign students who will complete their studies in Universidad CEU San Pablo and with 277 students of the Erasmus Program and 103 bilateral agreements who will study either one semester or the whole year corresponding to course 2018-2019.
Students who will complete their studies in the University come from 42 countries: Germany, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Moldavia, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen.

alumnos internacionales

In this “Welcome Day” for the presentation of the University, its services and activities we have also counted with the presence of the heads of the Language Centre, Volunteers, Cultural Activities, Sports, Religion, Library, European Documentation Centre as well as the Students Intranet.

Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

Approximately 83 new international students are joining the life of Universitat Abat Oliba CEU this semester. They come from over 22 different countries. Some are from neighbour countries, others from distant lands but all of them are key to make the experience of studying in the University really international.

In order to receive them as they deserve, the Service of International Relations has also hosted a “Welcome Day”. The day started with a speech from the Vice-Dean of Research and International Relations, Alessandro Mini, and of the Director of the Service of International Relations, Swen Seebach. After these presentations they have received information from the different services of the Centre: Languages, Library, Students Service, Sports, Cultural Activities, IT, etc. They have also held meetings with officers or the Urban Police of Barcelona who have instructed them on how to move safely around the city.

An essential aspect of being part of an exchange program is to immerse in the culture and dynamics of the hosting city. For this reason, among the welcome acts we have also scheduled a cultural visit to the historical neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera

Over 600 new international students from countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the US, Morocco and Taiwan have taken part in the “Welcome Day” of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, where they could enjoy activities such as workshops of professional immersion, group dynamics and sessions with professors, tutors and coaches. Students were also able to know about the sports and cultural initiatives offered by the University.

Alumnos internacionales

“Students have to feel that we are waiting for them, that they are welcome and that they arrive to an environment full of opportunities, highly stimulating and with an international environment” has declared the Vice-Dean of Students and University Life of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, María José González.

Throughout these Welcome Days, the University has hosted the first meeting of the Student Mentoring Programme, an innovative initiative which puts in contact new students with 2nd to 4th year students of their same degree; an activity promoted by the University to construct the links between students, improve integration of new students in the campus and promote their participation in university activities.

For a more comfortable and easier incorporation

The University offers international students a pack of services to make their arrival to Spain and incorporation to the University more comfortable and easier. It includes assistance with bureaucratic proceedings before arriving to the city as well as help in the search for an accommodation, insurance, medical, legal and personal assistance, academic counselling and adaptation courses. In the CEU, we open the doors to Europe!