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6 November, 2018
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9 November, 2018

What advantages bring oratory and debate to future career?

The power of oratory is huge: if we master it we can convince our public or speaker, persuade it and also understand and move it. Eloquence is crucial to speak in public and without doubt the key of oratory, a skill that provides a fluid, elegant and convincing speech.

Oratory as transversal skill

With eloquence we appeal to the empathy of the audience that will connect with us and our message. Like everything, this is a skill that can be learned, improved and which provides endless advantages. The reality is that knowing how to express oneself in front of others, is a basic tool in professional performance in any sector.

But oratory goes far beyond words: it is not only speaking but rather communicating. And this we do through other elements equally valuable such as intonation, gestures, gazes, body posture, etc. Mastering them will help us expose our ideas reasonably in front of others. The technique of oratory will work apart from the issue we are dealing with, the situation in which we find ourselves or the type of speaker we have in front of us.

Benefits of mastering oratory

More self-confidence and reassurance

Overcoming the fear and insecurity of speaking in public increases self-confidence. It proves also that we can face our fears and overcome them. In addition, practising oratory involves a continuous improvement of oral communication skills. And as we are aware of this improvement, our confidence will improve just as personal satisfaction.

Better communication and linguistic skills

Oratory will make us more efficient when mastering times, pauses, intonation, rhythm, articulation….We will prepare an efficient speech with rich and fluid vocabulary without tags or platitudes. This will also allow us to improvise and face any situation requiring speaking in public, controlling stress and keeping calm.

Improving research skills

To successfully present a topic in public prior research is vital. This will oblige us to seek credible and relevant sources. Having quality information will also help us make the appropriate choices.

Boosting deductive reasoning

Oratory obliges us to base on a certain premise and progress towards a conclusion on the grounds of the information obtained during research. It is a type of very useful reasoning both in personal and professional life. Moreover, it comes from critical thinking which allows us to build an efficient speech to persuade our audience.

Develops leadership

Mastering oratory will allow us not only to transmit our own ideas but those of others. Doing it in a fluid and clear manner and being able to persuade the audience is one key leadership skill, vital to drive change. Moreover, defending our ideas in front of an audience of many people already brings about change in itself and helps us implement more.

Helps create professional network

Speaking in public sparks interest in those who do listen to us not only about our message but also about ourselves. Therefore, oratory offers us the opportunity to create links with other professionals and speakers.

The importance of oratory in professional life

Today being trained in oratory is essential for success and good professional reputation. It is increasingly important given the value it provides when connecting teams, inspiring them and transmitting corporate values. To correctly express ideas, transmit confidence and enthusiasm, persuade and influence others is far more valuable than knowledge. They are the cornerstones of an effective and successful leadership, based on prestige, influence and ability to inspire others.

In addition, the way in which we express ourselves will determine how we are considered and valued by other colleagues and superiors. Mastering the art of oratory can open up professional opportunities and improvements allowing us to outstand in meetings and events and progress in our professional career.

Go to your CEU University to join the different debate teams. You will be able to learn oratory techniques, improve your oral expression and take part in the First Debate Competition InterCEU hosted each year as well as competitions with students from other universities.