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20 April, 2021
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What are the requirements to work in Europe?

In order to professionally unfold in a global world it is necessary to have a clear international vision as well as a sound education in other languages. At CEU Universities we provide our students with the necessary tools to eliminate the boarders for their personal growth. If you wish to work in Europe you shall meet a series of requirements and have some permits which is better to bear in mind before finishing your studies.

What are the requirements to work in Europe?

If you are an EU citizen you do not need a work visa to work in any EU Member State plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein which form the European Economic Area (EEA) of the EU. All these countries have signed a convention that allows their citizens to travel and work in any of them. If you have another nationality, we recommend you to check the  EURES portal where you will find vacancies in companies and countries throughout the Union. You will need a work visa to enrol.

In addition to your ID or Passport and work visa of the country if you are from outside the EU, you will need your University Degree with a sworn translation (in the EU there a general system for the recognition of degrees), cover letter from other works, courses and degrees, mobility experiences such as the Erasmus+ program, your EU adapted CV (Europass), etc. Also you shall obtain the European Health Card.

How to obtain a European work visa?

If your country of origin has signed agreements with Europe or you have any relative residing in the EU it will be easier. Those of a European nationality do not need this visa to work in Europe. Moreover, if your country has signed agreements with the EU, you will have the same work conditions as those citizens of the European country where you wish to work. This list includes 79 countries of the Group of States of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP Group) in addition to Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Morocco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, San Marino, Russia and Tunisia. For the rest of the cases, please refer to the EU Immigration portal.

At CEU Universities you will share campus with students from the five continents as CEU is the entrance door to Europe of students from everywhere around the world. Also, you will be able to study bilingual degrees and improve your language skills throughout your education. You will opt to stays in university centres and companies worldwide. Thanks to the over 500 international conventions of CEU Universities you will be able to study a term in the US at, for example, prestigious universities such as UCLA, Boston University and Fordham University.