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25 February, 2021
The importance of continuous education: updates, specialization and employability
5 March, 2021

What are the skills of the journalists of the future?

The advent of Internet and the expansion of the use of technology have led to deep changes in the way of doing journalism. Social networks transformed already into media and gathering greater influence every day when defining the agenda have altered the IT environment for ever. We know that Journalism, as many other occupations, has changed deeply. Therefore, at CEU Universities we are committed to offering practical and international education adapted to corporate demands and news. This is how we guarantee a high level of employability and an excellent education to make the difference.

The future of Journalism: new duties but the same objective

Journalists have to stay current on continuous learning, specializing and being broadly open to changes. At CEU Universities we walk our students through this great challenge represented by the fact of being updated on the continuous transformation of a sector with a very important social role.

In view of the amount of information generated and consumed, the watchful and calm eye of the journalist will determine the future of a profession in constant mutation. At CEU Universities, values transversally cross each study plan in consistency with the functional mission of the entity.

But without doubt, skills setting the grounds for a good traditional journalist are still essential in the 21st century. Knowing how to search, verify sources of information, collect and organize information is crucial to accomplish their duty successfully. Within a context of infodemia such as the actual one, the analytic capacity is indispensable. But also, journalism of the future will continue with the trends already essential today:

  • Handling digital tools and channels fluently. Adapting to changes, detecting trends and innovations. This includes knowing how to edit images and videos; journalists have to be multimedia.
  • Creativity and innovation. In line with the above, they have to know the channels, the ways to offer content and adapt to the preferences of their audience. It is about offering value added with enriched formats, the use of storytelling or transmedia narrative.
  • Working the personal hallmark. This will help you to professionally position yourself in a highly competitive environment.
  • Being open to dialogue, being able to generate debate and doing it where it evolves, as it is the case of social networks.
  • Being independent and having autonomy. Working for one sole media is no longer the only option. The great variety of media and formats opens the door to develop your career as freelance journalist.

Studying the Degree in Journalism at CEU is a synonym of employability, of practical work in some of the main media and of achieving the prestige granted by the degree of the most important Spanish private academic group.