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6 November, 2020
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12 November, 2020

Which are the management skills of a good leader?

CEU Universities are focused on raising the leaders of the future, the elites that will transmit CEU values to the society, in which they will influence to change and improve it. Therefore, CEU leadership is based on Christian Humanism values and on the development of skills and abilities. For this reason, management of teams, entrepreneurship and innovation are very present in CEU university education which boosts from the beginning the leadership of its students. A good example is the leadership education provided exclusively by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Spain through CEU Universities.

CEU Univiersties’ students do not only gain knowledge, they also receive optimal education to become innovative leaders when they access the labour market. The results of these efforts are seen in the fact, for example, that our Alunmi are among the top 100 most influential people at their respective scopes of action.

Managing people and guiding projects efficiently and ethically

Becoming a good leader means having a series of skills that although they may be natural can also be learnt and without doubt, improved. Therefore, to manage and lead teams it is necessary to count on a series of management strengths and skills such as:

  • Being efficient.
  • Being decisive.
  • Having an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.
  • Being a good communicator, open and empathetic.
  • Being motivating for others.
  • Being charismatic.
  • Having values and integrity.
  • Having a great amount of confidence.
  • Being responsible, assuming always both successes and failures.
  • Counting on a developed emotional intelligence.
  • Being flexible and capable to adapt to changes.

Managing or leading an organization successfully requires not only having good ideas but also being capable of making them real. Therefore, it is necessary to count on the skills that allow an analysis of the actual situation, prioritizing the needs, assessing potential alternatives and choosing the most appropriate to the situation making sure that it is going to be executed as quick and swiftly as possible.

With respect to work team management, the leader will be responsible of designing strategies and proposals for a better competitiveness as well as of distributing duties efficiently. Everything oriented to attaining the goals within the shortest period of time. In this context, it has to be considered that responsibility can be a source of stress. Therefore a good management of emotions is essential to protect the duty of the leader and the development of projects. To this we should add that the leader shall have sound practical knowledge that will ease supervision and control of the team.

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