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9 December, 2020
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16 December, 2020

Which will be the most demanded professional profiles in 2021?

The pandemic has sped up digital transformation already under development testing the efforts made in innovation and the companies’ adaptation capacity. It also leads to the demand of new profiles by the labour market where flexibility is the standard. At CEU Universities we constantly adapt our educational offer to companies’ demands. And also, we make an effort to educate people with an innovative, social, research vision; valuable professionals working for the common good and the sustainability of the planet.

Competencies and skills essential for employability

According to the report by Infoempleo-Adecco, University graduates represent 38.8% of employment offers, being the most demanded candidates. Language mastering, especially English, is still essential in an ever global and interconnected world. Also, gaining soft skills such the analytic capacity, the resolution of problems, critical thinking and active learning, the adaptation to changes, the management of stress and flexibility will increase the options of any candidate.

At CEU Universities we offer comprehensive education which goes far beyond the simple transfer of knowledge. The development of competencies and skills is crucial in CEU’s educational model from the first years as well as the growth in values.

Digitalization, health and company, source of employment in 2021.

The pandemic has boosted fields that  have progressed in these last years.This is the case of cybersecurity. Also healthcare or education professions have recovered their value during this 2020 and will continue being highly demanded the next one. Engineering degrees will continue having higher levels of employability followed by medicine and pharmacy.

According to the HHRR Observatory, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has increased the most in these last years, raising its employment rate in over 8%. The most demanded positions in companies within this area are those related to digital businesses, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Positions such as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), the responsible of designing and managing the digital transformation of companies and others such as the data scientific, expert in artificial intelligence, TI director (CTO), Customer Success Manager (CSM), essential in projects where the customer experience is the centre, responsible of e-commerce or the ultimate responsible of cybersecurity of a company are rising profiles. The Master in Communication and new technologies of CEU Abat Oliba, own degrees of CEU San Pablo in Virtual Reality with Playstation or in Development of voice applications with Amazon Alexa or the broad list of degrees in companies and marketing of CEU Cardenal Herrera are only a few examples of CEU Universities’ commitment to innovation and employability.

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