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10 August, 2021
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17 August, 2021

Why choosing Spain to study abroad?

One of the most enriching experiences offered by your university years is to study abroad. Choosing a foreign country to pursue your degree is a decision which has to be meditated considering all options: the language, climate, lifestyle, culture or the geographical situation are some of the aspects of the country of destination that you have to bear in mind. Choosing a centre suiting your interests and needs and your future plans is probably the most important.

And among all destinations, studying in Spain is a safe bet and a guarantee of success because it has a quality university system with a broad offer adapted to the international market and collaboration agreements with hundreds of universities worldwide.

Also Spanish undergraduates are highly valued in other countries and the climate or the lifestyle are some of the compelling reasons to choose to study in Spain.

And if you are still not sure, here you have some reasons to come to Spain and study:

  • Lifestyle is accessible for all. Economically, Spain is a country with a lower standard of living than other destinations and with a leisure and gastronomic offer as extensive that adapts to all pockets. You will surely find attractive plans for all budgets!
  • Capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are cosmopolite, multicultural and very amusing. You will have no problem making friends with international students from different cultures and languages. The cultural, leisure, artistic, gastronomic or sports agenda offered by this city is huge.
  • A university system with great projection. Studying in Spain automatically means academic and professional projection. You have an extensive range of possibilities when choosing a degree so you will find the university degree you are looking for and you can complement it with a Master or a post-graduate preparing yourself better for the labour market.
  • You can enjoy the sea from many points of the country. Spain is in the Iberian Peninsula and many cities have sea such as Barcelona and Valencia and they both enjoy Mediterranean climate that provides longer summers. While from Madrid you can move to any point of Spain without problem. Spain is a country relatively small that can be covered from one point to the other in some 10 hours by car and a few by plane.
  • Cities full of history. The Iberian Peninsula has been home to some of the most important cultures of the world and that is the reason why Spain is full of museum cities where you can travel through history in every corner.

After all this, do you bring yourself to study in Spain?