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3 September, 2021
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9 September, 2021

Why to study a Degree in Marketing

The Degree in Marketing offers an array of professional opportunities to choose as marketing embeds many aspects and activities given its own nature.

Although the concept of marketing is well known sometimes it is confused with publicity and you should have a clear idea of what it is before starting the degree as you are going to dedicate a very significant part of your professional career to it.

Marketing is the term used to refer to the set of techniques and strategies used to study markets behaviour, commercial management of companies and the needs of consumers. Its objective is to attract and engage customers. Marketing is a really extensive concept that can branch out depending on its application and strategic objective as marketing may be used both to create sales strategies and to plan different impact actions of a brand or company.

Types of marketing

The boom of this discipline has led to the proliferation of a great number of modalities. Despite this they can all be divided in two big groups:

  • Marketing Offline. It is the traditional concept and embeds all actions and strategies outside Internet and that we can be find in classic media, merchandising, telemarketing …
  • Marketing Online: It is the digital version and is adapted to the needs offered by this mean. Under its umbrella we find inbound marketing or social media marketing, among others.

What is the marketing degree and why to study it

If you are not too sure about studying the Degree in Marketing we offer you some of the reasons to do so:

  • It offers a broad labour market. Any company with the intention of obtaining profits from its activity knows that it has to rely on marketing.
  • It is a source of constant learning. Its own nature demands constant update to be up to date with the latest news in the professional field.
  • Develops creativity and critical thinking.
  • Allows working in totally different sectors.

Studying the Degree in Marketing at CEU Universities is a safe professional bet. Companies need their products and services to be sold, need to know why sales have fallen, how to open new markets, how to improve corporate results, how to outstand among competitors and engage its customers. Therefore, being able to detect new business opportunities, innovate by investigating the changes taking place in the actual market immersed in a global environment, highly technological, competitive and in constant evolution and which requires ever more a greater and better education in the area of commercial processes of companies.