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Why to study physiotherapy? Keys to help you choose this degree.

If you are soon going to start your university life and feel curious about the profession or if you have always had clear that you would like to become a physiotherapist, continue reading because we are going to tell you why it is a good decision to study the degree in physiotherapy.

Surely you already have an idea but, are you sure about why to study physiotherapy? Do you know what the physiotherapist job is about? Fist of all, you should know what a physiotherapist is and its importance for the health and wellbeing of people.

The job of physiotherapist consists in treating and dealing with physical ailments of patients providing them with therapeutic treatment without using surgical or pharmaceutical resources to help the body rehab.

Physiotherapy is already included in many medical treatments proving its high effectiveness and its consolidated weight within the healthcare field. In many occasions, doctors and physiotherapists work side by side in medical centres the former, being the ones who design the rehab programs of patients and the latter who execute them. In other cases, the physiotherapist decides which techniques are the most appropriate for each case. This close collaboration is an example of the essential role of physiotherapy when improving the life of people.

If you are still reading is because you are asking yourself why it is a good decision to study the degree in physiotherapy and need some reasons to make the best decision. Therefore here you have 4 reasons to study physiotherapy:

  • Physiotherapy offers you the opportunity to help people who suffer physical ailments recover. And the feeling of helping other’s improve their quality of life is insuperable, don’t you think?
  • The degree in physiotherapy has undergone an enormous growth in the last few years with the creation of new specialized branches to complete your education in advanced therapeutic areas highly demanded. It is the case of manual therapy, Dry puncture and sports physiotherapy.
  • Its great professional demand turning it into a discipline of undisputable importance.
  • The professional recognition. It is a regulated profession it has Professional Associations that defend the interests of those who exercise this discipline.

If you are clear about the reasons to study physiotherapy and you are considering studying it in Spain you have to know that the degree in physiotherapy of CEU Universities is internationally recognised.

Physiotherapy students at CEU work from the first day in the resolution of simulated case studies in small groups of a maximum of 12 students and at avant-guard premises. We have physiotherapy laboratories fitted with the latest technologies.

After the second year and until the end of their studies students treat real patients, something that turns them into excellent candidates in recruitment processes. Also the Degree in Physiotherapy at CEU San Pablo in Madrid and at CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia are the ones in Spain with more clinical internship hours (1,300 hours in the first case and 1,200 hours in the second one) to which we add the possibility of doing extracurricular internships after the second year.

Moreover CEU Universities offer the possibility of studying the Degree in English and spend part of it at a foreign university which emphasizes the international dimension of our campus. Thanks to all this, our graduates and postgraduates in Physiotherapy become highly recognised professionals of the sector.