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21 October, 2020
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3 November, 2020

Work for EU institutions and contribute to Europe’s future

Working in an EU institution or agency is an excellent option regardless of the Degree you have chosen. You will develop your professional career in a multicultural and varied environment with very competitive remunerations and constant growth opportunities. You will test your knowledge of languages acquired during you studies at CEU Universities and you will have the chance to extend it at all times with the opportunities offered to employees.

CEU provides you with the best education for an international professional future

Without doubt the international approach of the biggest Spanish educational group will offer you the development of a career in EU bodies. You will not only share campus with students from over 70 countries of the five continents during their university stage, you will also have the opportunity to study bilingual degrees that will open many doors.

Also, CEU Universities have over 500 agreements with companies and other prestigious university centres worldwide. All of it will provide you with a background that will make you outstand among the rest of candidates when applying for EU positions.

EU Institutions, an employment environment full of opportunities

EU institutions employ over forty thousand people from all countries of the union. The European Personal Selection Office (EPSO) regularly opens competitions for the selection of profiles both for permanent and non-permanent positions. It also selects other type of relations with different agents and independent experts in different areas that form a highly specialized database.

The personal selection carried out by the EPSO is for all European institutions. From the European Parliament to the EU Council, the European Commission and the Court of Justice, the Court of Accounts, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of Regions, the European Ombudsman and the European Supervisor of Data Protection. People with a specific scientific background or with language, statistics and economic knowledge also have their chance in the different headquarters of these bodies.

But it does not only offer employment opportunities in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. It offers positions in agencies throughout Europe as well as in EU delegations worldwide. Therefore, in EU institutions you can work in cutting-edge issues related to climatic change, immigration, commerce, safety, etc. Also, there is an excellent internal mobility policy so your career in EU institutions will be full of challenges and will involve constant learning.

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