Entrepreneurship is an attitude

If you want to be in charge of your future and want to start your own business, CEU Emprende is for you. At CEU we are there for you as you design and develop your business project. Once you graduate, you can choose to either work for someone else or be the master of your own destiny.


Specific entrepreneurship support program

CEU Emprende is an entrepreneurship support programme that fosters new business initiatives. Designed to accelerate projects, future entrepreneurs are trained to improve their competitiveness, enhance the development of their ideas and create opportunities for access to financing.

Entrepreneurs space

Access to co-working spaces, events, DemoDays, training sessions and special conferencesare readily available for our entrepreneurs. By feeding your entrepreneurial spirit, we help your network grow.

With these tools on your belt, you will be on a steady course to make your business dreams come true, giving you the best skills to tackle the market.

CEU Emprende is a transversal initiative of all our 3 Universities (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia)

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