Entrepreneurship: create your own business, make your own way in life


Entrepreneurship is an attitude

If you are the kind of person who wants to control your own destiny and have the idea of creating your own business you must take advantage of the services of CEU Emprende. At CEU we accompany you through the planning and development of your business project. Because when you finish your studies you have two options: either you work for somebody, or you design your own future.


Specific entrepreneurship support program

CEU Emprende is a specific entrepreneurship support program, where new business initiatives are born.
We have programs to accelerate projects, we train the promoter teams to improve their competitiveness, boosting the development of their projects and giving access to financing.

Entrepreneurs space

We favor co-working spaces, events, DemoDays, training sessions and special conferences for entrepreneurs. We fuel your entrepreneurial attitude and help you with the networking tasks.

All this so you can advance in your business projects and face the market in the best possible conditions.

CEU Emprende is a transversal initiative of all our 3 Universities (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia)

With the objective of promoting entrepreneurial initiative, providing tools, training and experiencie that allows them to acquire the competency required to create successful companies

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