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CEU reinforces its commitment to the excellence and internationalisation of its students through a unique initiative in Europe thanks to agreements and shared programmes with prestigious American universities: UCLA, Los Angeles, Boston University, The University of Chicago and Fordham University.

Students enrolled in these programmes will receive English classes in Spain from professors at American universities and will spend a four-month period at the associated university in the United States.

We offer students the chance to enrich their academic profiles by complementing their studies with a workshop specifically designed to increase access to the job market and help them acquire professional skills at the highest level.

UCLA has been active for over a hundred years and is ranked 12 on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University world ranking. Thirteen Nobel recipients have graduated from this academic institution to date.

This programme is open to undergraduate students in the Humanities and Communication departments at the University CEU San Pablo who wish to learn about the latest trends in global strategic communication. Students who participate in this programme receive a certificate in Digital Media and Strategic communications.

This prestigious university, established in 1841 in New York, stands out for its Law School.
This programme allows students studying a bilingual degree in Law degree with certification in European Community Law and the dual degree in Law and Political Science to begin their LLM studies, develop a career in the field of International Law and, if desired, have access to the New York BAR exam.

The University of Chicago is ranked 10th among the world’s top universities (according to the Times Higher Education and the QS World University Rankings 2015-2016). Eighty-nine Nobel Prize winners have studied at this university. The University of Chicago-Graham School for Continuing and Liberal Studies has designed three exclusive programs for CEU:

The Business of Biotechnology

This programme, specifically designed students studying a bilingual degree in Biology or a dual degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology studies, provides excellent training in business development models in the biotechnology industry, acquisition of capital, licensing, regulation and all other aspects related to newly established international enterprises. As part of the course, students do an internship in companies within the industry in the US, after which they will obtain their “Certificate in Business of Biotechnology”.

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Clinical Trials Management

Aimed at bilingual degree students in Pharmacy or dual degree students in Pharmacy and Biotechnology, this course offers excellent training in the management of clinical trials, a field with ample job opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector. This programme includes an observational study carried out at hospitals in the Chicago area. Once completed, the student is awarded a "Certificate in Clinical Trials Management".

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International Political Economy

This multidisciplinary programme aimed at students studying a bilingual degree in Economics or a dual degree in Business Management and Economics. Upon conclusion, students will obtain the “Certificate in International Political Economy” issued by the University of Chicago Graham School.

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CEU holds an agreement with Boston University, ranked by the US News and World Report as the 32nd university among the world's top 500 universities. It offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Administration and Management as well as Advertising and Public Relations for students studying these degrees in these areas.
This programme, which has been running for more than 10 years, provides in-depth knowledge of the internationalization of business and awards students with the "International Business Certificate", issued by the Boston University Metropolitan College International.

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