What is CEU Universities?

You are what you do

CEU Universities groups the three CEU universities in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. CEU is the largest private educational institution in Spain, and the only one that has three Universities in its structure. With over 80 years of history, CEU is experience and a guarantee. With more than 25 educational centers, CEU is the only institution that teaches from 3 year-old children to executives aged over 50.


Our educational orientation is based on the values of Christian humanism. Values that support our commitment to educational personalization through tutoring and integration programs. Values that drive our social commitment, which results in an extensive scholarship policy and pioneering academic volunteering initiatives with services to the international community. These values are what drive us to get involved in the generation of relevant research, research which, from the technical and humanistic point of view, helps improve the society we live in.

Inspired by Christian humanism we offer comprehensive training to our students. An offer we make to each student from conviction in a context of freedom and tolerance. Because the world needs people with clear ideas and principles. Because debate enriches the university experience. Because no problem in the world can be unrelated to us if we want to be men and women who help improve the lives of others. If you just want to learn a job, CEU may not be your place, but if you want to become the person you want to be: welcome.

Our international vision, the employability of our graduates, our top-notch teaching staff, our research and entrepreneurship centres... and many other reasons we invite you to explore.



Over 210,000 students have passed through our classrooms. Some of our graduates are in the top 100 of the most influential people in their respective fields of action: ministers, presidents of multinationals, international research award winners, etc. Our students maintain an employability ratio higher than 95%.


Research and PhD

We are the top educational institution in terms of scholarship and grant investment. We have invested more than 7 million euros in research projects. We have more than 80 active research projects. We have created CEINDO, an international doctoral school. CEINDO brings research groups made up of PhDs with proven research experience.



We are truly committed to the internationalization of our students. We have a wide range of international mobility programs. Our campus is shared by students and teachers from over 70 countries. 25% of new students are international.



More than 2,700 people work every day to offer the best educational service to our students. Personal and professional growth of our students is the essence of our educational model.

They say that numbers always tell the truth




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In the top


of the most influential people

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