CEU Universities offers a broad range of officially accredited Undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees and PhD studies in several areas, including Communications, Health Sciences, Architecture and Engineering, Law and Political Science, Humanities and Education, Economics and Business Studies and Gastronomy.

CEINDO (the CEU International Doctoral School) offers 6 PhD programmes and supports the universities with more than 70 active research projects. As a result of its outstanding research, CEU Universities is awarded over 20 million euros a year in research competitive funding and industry/commerce income. CEU Universities is committed to research and demonstrates this by is allocating more than 1 million euros a year to research grants for promising young researchers.

CEU offers a full range of programmes ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees and doctoral studies: communication, humanities, law, economics, business, marketing, architecture, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary, political science and design.

Explore our international programmes designed for you to complete part of your undergraduate studies at top – tier universities around the world such as Boston, UCLA and Fordham.

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