The admission process for 23/24 of CEU Universities is open for international students
14 December, 2022
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20 December, 2022

Hospitality CEU, Hospitality services for international students

If you are thinking about coming to Spain to study this year 23/24 we remind you that CEU Universities have already opened the admission process as we explained in our previous post. We know that many students feel anxious about the idea of studying abroad especially for the paperwork they have to do once they are admitted to a Spanish university.
At CEU we make it easy, our Universities offer international students a package of services to make as comfortable and easy as possible your arrival to Spain and incorporation to University.
The first thing you have to know is that to enrol in a Spanish university, international students have to obtain a document certifying the validity of their high school studies in their country of origin. This document is the Access Credential for European students and other countries with convention and the Homologation for the rest.
Although the process varies in the different countries, as reference, in nearly all cases you will be asked to file the following documentation legalized with the Hague Apostille for the different non-EU countries: High School Diploma, grades of the last 3 years of High School and ID.
If the documentation is not Spanish, you will have to attach a certified translation.
Check always with the Hospitality Services of our Universities that you have all documentation necessary before your arrival to Spain.
Here we invite you to know the hospitality services of the three CEU Universities.

Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid

• Documentation Recognition
• We help you to make your pre-university studies equivalent to the Spanish education system.
International Student Card (ISIC)
• This card will allow you to enjoy discounts on important brands, entertainment, culture and more.
• Transport card
• Once you have arrived, the transport card will allow you to get around Madrid using the wide public transport network of the Comunidad de Madrid.
• SIM Phone card
• You will receive a SIM card with a Spanish number and we will gift you with €15 in calls and internet.
• Visa documentation
• If you need to apply for a student visa in order to study in Madrid, we will send your Admission Letter by a courier.
• Foreigner Identity Card
• We will help you in the application process of your Foreigner Identity Number and the physical card (NIE and TIE). They are required to be able to study in Madrid.
• Bank account
• We manage the opening of a bank account in Banco Santander under your name. This is one of the most renowned and international Spanish banks.
Spanish languague courses
We offer a Spanish course where basic Spanish language notions are taught in order to move freely and improve your experience in Madrid.

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Hospitality Services at Universidad Abat Oliba CEU, Barcelona

Abat Oliba CEU University offers the following services for those arriving from abroad:
• Personal identification documentation: we can help you to manage all the personal identification documentation necessary to reside in Spain (ID number, visa, registration, etc.).
• Management of the necessary documentation for enrolment: we manage all the international academic documentation, whether it be the UNED credential or the homologation of pre-university or university degrees from the country of origin.
• Accommodation management: support and help in finding accommodation in Barcelona, either in university residences or in shared student flats.
• Health card/social security: we help you to register with the medical centre (CAP) nearest you.
• Personal formalities: we advise you on how to take out a mobile phone contract, purchase transport tickets and opening bank accounts, as well as applying for the Carnet Jove for under-25s, which gives access to discounts on transport, libraries, cinemas and leisure facilities.
• Support and management of applications for official grants and scholarships: Equitat – Agaur, general scholarship and any type of scholarship from the state.
• Full coverage health insurance aimed at covering all your needs during your stay in our country (under 35 years of age).

Hospitality services at Universidad UCH, Valencia

• Taxi and hotel stay included: We will provide you with a free pick-up service and a free night in a hotel for up to 3 people with breakfast included. You can use this service whenever you need it.
• Recognition of your previous studies: In order to enrol at a Spanish university, international students must obtain a document, known as a credencial, that certifies the validity in Spain of their high school studies. We can arrange this for you: just follow the instructions published on the hospitality platform.
• Residence permit: Forget about all the bureaucracy, as we take care of everything for you so that you can obtain your permit, known as the NIE.
• Transport card: On the day of your arrival, we will give you a transport card so that you can use public transport in Valencia and the surrounding area.
• SIM card/Valenbisi pass: Choose between a 20€ prepaid SIM card or a 12-month pass for the public bicycle service in Valencia.
• Accommodation: We can help you in your search for accommodation by putting you in contact with our registered providers: rooms in university residences, apartments to share and even individual apartments, both in Valencia and around the campus. There is something for everyone!
• Opening a bank account in Spain: We recommend that you open a bank account in Spain, and this is mandatory if you come from outside the European Union. We can help you do this.
• Language courses: After registration, you will have access to an online platform to learn and practise your Spanish (or another language if Spanish is your mother tongue). In addition, you will be able to attend our Spanish and/or English summer course, which is full of fun cultural activities.
• Optional medical insurance: We can also offer you a private insurance policy with RSM Seguros, which offers full health coverage in conjunction with CIGNA. This policy costs approximately €400 for a period of 12 months, and you can sign up for it via the Hospitality platform.
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If you have any doubt remember that Admission and New International Students Services will always assist you helping you with the paperwork in your country, the contracting of services in Madrid, Valencia and/or Barcelona (bank, telephone, transport card, etc.) and solving all your doubts or paperwork required during the year.