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17 February, 2022
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CEU Universities, best private university in Spain according to the impact of its publications

Times Higher Education has published the results of 2022Young University Ranking, a scale that assesses and classifies Universities worldwide with less than fifty years of existence.

Among the 790 Universities taking part, CEU Universities (CEU Cardenal Herrera, CEU San Pablo and Abat Oliba CEU) appear in number 136. Translated to a national scale it represents the fourth position among Spanish Universities.

This ranking can be divided into different concepts. For example, it highlights the position of CEU Universities with respect to the impact of their publications. In this category, defined according to the number of quotes received by publications of researchers, CEU Universities appear in thirty second position globally which involves being the first private Spanish university in this category. If you consider public and private universities, CEU Universities rank second among the Spanish ones.

CEU Universities also outstand for the number of International students. The 20% ratio of international students places them in the fourth position among the Spanish ones.

The ranking also assesses the distribution by gender of the population of the Universities taking part. In this sense, CEU Universities rank first among the Spanish ones. Per one hundred students, 64 are women and 36 are men.

Times Higher Education is one of the reference institutions of information and quality measurement of Universities worldwide.