New learning models for the acquisition of skills
26 September, 2022
USP CEU inaugurates its new building of the Faculty of Arts and Communication Sciences
3 October, 2022

Students choose CEU for their competitive and quality studies

“We are aware that our students and their families choose us because we offer competitive and quality studies” declared in a recent interview Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza y Gómez de Valugera, President of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU.

He also explains in this publication by El Economista the objectives of his new strategic plan: “The importance that we give to our students, their professional and human background and their insertion in the labour market, students service complemented with a clear commitment to the duty of teachers and research”.

CEU makes a strong bet without doubt on “the internationalization of teaching attracting all those students from other countries who wish to study with us”, he states.

He also refers to the enrichment of syllabus contents thanks to the introduction of new tools, methodologies and teaching methods and to the values which form the CEU family based on Christian Humanism.

Passionate for generosity

Thanks to this proposal and to the environment it naturally generates, people who study at CEU are normally passionate for generosity and spirit for service, says Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza. This is the origin of “solidarity, friendship, empathy, spirit of sacrifice and social commitment” among others.

Regarding the education of skills, he explains that technical skills on their own are not enough to fully unfold in the labour market. “Transversal skills or abilities are essential to face with guarantees the access to the labour market” declares regarding the development of skills such as communication, team work, tolerance to frustration, capacity to overcome oneself or aspirations for excellence”.

Bringing University and Companies closer together

In this interview he highlights also the need to create a fluent relationship between University and companies: “Sporadic contacts with the professional world are not enough, it is necessary to be more agile when responding to their needs”.

“In our case we have created the Employability Advisory Council , which allows us to know the needs and activate all aspects to form students with high employability when they finish their studies.