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24 August, 2022
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28 August, 2022

Students worldwide together in social action and volunteer projects

Youngsters who wish a change of scenery. These are the students of CEU Universities. Do you want to become a force of change? Discover all you can do at CEU to help those most in need.

At CEU Universities we promote and develop committed volunteer work that believes in social change towards a fairer society. From this commitment we channel and coordinate social volunteer, social projects and development cooperation projects duties with the collaboration of members of the university community. Its ultimate purpose is to help people suffering vulnerability situations, need, poverty and/or social exclusion.

In order to build a fairer and more fraternal society by the service to common good and with specific actions in favour of people in need and countries under development. And also offering students comprehensive education taking them to commit with the society in all its areas.

People studying at CEU Universities is therefore encouraged to collaborate in specific actions and community projects to improve the life of many others, growing in generosity and capacity to face life challenges.

Join, grow

Taking part in solidarity activities has also benefits for students:

  • Improving the vision they have of themselves and therefore reinforces its confidence.
  • Meeting new people and with similar interests.
  • Training their skills in teamwork.
  • Applying knowledge acquired in class.

National and international CEU Voluntary work

From missions carried out by students and professors of the Degree in Medicine in Philippines to education programs in Peru or volunteer work with children in penitentiaries….Discover the world of possibilities to help others and the entities and national and international projects you can collaborate with:

Volunteer work of Universidad Cardenal Herrera

Pastoral y volunteer work of Universidad CEU San Pablo

Volunteer work of Universidad Abat Oliba CEU

  • An active voluntary work that contributes to society.
  • A voluntary work capable of participating from collective responses.
  • A consistent voluntary work from the action developed.
  • Voluntary work showing values such as solidary, equality…and from here grows as people or Christan…

This is CEU volunteer work . Collaborations with 80 organizations and over 150 voluntary actions.