It is easy to study in Valencia if you are able to forget about its beaches
18 July, 2021
¿Por qué son importantes las prácticas profesionales durante tus años de Universidad?
Why are professional internships important during University years?
26 July, 2021

The Hyflex system, a guarantee of attendance for our 2021/22 students

Last year CEU Universities’ classes were provided with Hyflex technology which helps students attend lessons in campus and also connect in real time from home. Therefore, students will be able to combine in person attendance in campus and digital presence in real time. This way, next year CEU will be in a position to offer digital interactive presence in all subjects requiring it for those students who given the actual circumstances cannot attend lessons in person.

CEU Universities will develop for 21/22 an in person teaching system for graduate studies. Presence will be limited, if applicable by the healthcare regulation in force in September 2021. In the event of those limitations the University will activate, if required, the double-presence model developed during 20/21. This double-presence model will activate:

  • Temporarily: If the healthcare regulation so determines and affects all degrees or some of them depending on their composition.
  • Particularly: For students who credit a situation that for justified reasons cannot attend campus for a period of time during the course.

This way, CEU Universities prepare a new course eminently in person and with the solutions of the double-presence model successfully applied in 20/21 if necessary.

How does double-presence work?

“Double presence” helps the student attend class at campus and also connect in real time with the class thanks to the HyFlex system. With this technology we can offer interactive sessions with the students who are in class and with those who take part in real time from home. Therefore all of them regardless where they are attend in person the session of the class.

The key is to attend and participate. To attend and participate in class rather than only to watch each class. This means for example that students can connect with the class from any device. With one simple click students will be able to be face to face with teachers in class and interact with them.

Even from home, students can connect in a work session with its peers in class. Therefore they will form work teams with students who are physically in class and others digitally. All of them connected using any device.

The double-presence model should it were necessary to use it in 2021/22 course involves an obligation for the students connected digitally to have the camera connected at all times. If the camera is not connected, students will not be able to attend the digital session.