Imagen de la que va a ser la nueva universidad CEU que estará ubicada en Sevilla
Universidad CEU Fernando III will be the fourth CEU University
6 October, 2023
Imagen del interior del paraninfo durante el acto oficial de Apertura del Curso Académico 2023-2024 en la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera
Welcome year 2023/2024!
13 October, 2023

Universidad CEU San Pablo and KPMG join to foster youth employment

Universidad CEU San Pablo and KPMG have reached a partnership agreement to foster and boost youth employment. Within the university-company ecosystem fostered by CEU USP, they have inaugurated Aula KPMG-CEU, a program taught by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences that includes both theoretical and practical aspects in learning to provide participants with the option of joining the labour market hand in hand with companies where they will be able to do an internship. A project that brings students closer to a consulting firm increasingly focused on sustainability and the most relevant aspects of the audit sector, taxation and legal, financial and business counselling.

The agreement has been signed by the Rector and manager of the University, Rosa Visiedo and Carmen García de Elías, respectively and Ramón Pueyo, Sustainability and Good Governance Partner of KPMG accompanied by Esther Fernández and Renata Dedini, People Director and Head of Talent of the company, respectively.

The Rector Rosa Visiedo, has explained that “we wish to raise the people our society needs, that our corporate world demands, people able to lead change and commit to the improvement of our world. We have a pressing engagement with employment and therefore we wish to be closer to companies, listen to them and know what they expect from our students”. In that sense, she states that “without doubt these spaces will help foster their talent as they will have a great opportunity to work with professionals and create real experiences”.

Also, Esther Fernández, People Director at KPMG explains that “KPMG is strongly committed to talent and especially to young talent; we pursuit its employability but also its training and development even before joining the firm. Last fiscal year we incorporated over 850 graduates and estimates for this year are similar as we wish to be even closer to universities and especially to students bringing them closer to the professional world”.

In this sense, People Director at KPMG has pointed out that “this agreement with Universidad CEU San Pablo will help us provide students with tools, knowledge and experiences that will allow them to develop their professional future and contribute to their training on ESG, a key issue in the agenda of all companies and that impacts directly on the society. This agreement is another example of our pursuit of talent and training in cutting-edge issues bringing KPMG closer to the professionals of the future generating a diverse, inclusive and sustainable environment based on respect, excellence and positive impact.”